I started writing this post on the wee hours of the morning. I haven't slept yet. I planned to spend the remaining hours before sunrise to finish a freelance work and later, spent the morning to recover sleep. But laziness made other plans. It looks like I will just finish this post, sleep and pray that I'll have the drive to accomplish everything before Sunday ends.

If I have all the time in the world, my shallow wish is to sleep the entire day every Saturday. It sounds lazy and crazy, but more than enough sleep can do so much for me. I feel better. My mood is stabilized. ;p I have softer and less oily skin. My eyes are not swollen, the lightest eyelids I have is showing up. But in the case of this weekend, more than enough sleep still doesn't feel benefiting. I still feel tired, must because I'm PMSing or my worries about this unaccomplished freelance work. 

Setting aside all the worries and bodyaches, here's the past week in photos

Cheers to all the members of the female populace!

I love the postcards, letters and some useful items from Diane and Terra.

Book discovery from Fully Booked - I'm still finishing the book. It felt quite surprising because more than women empowerment, the book relates an account of someone suffering from anxiety and depression.

As predicted in my beginning statement, I will end not writing anything meaningful. I feel so lousy the past days. I guess I'll reserve my stories and other thoughts next week.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!