Yes, that's how the month of March went for me. Half of the month meant beating deadlines and challenging freelance works. I felt so disorganized. I can't figure out which to prioritize. All I have in mind are tasks needed to be accomplished. Never mind if it meant going to bed around 2 am and forcing myself to get up for my day job. This lifestyle caused me problematic skin, unexplained cravings and deprived exercise. It's been more than two weeks since I worked out. These days, it's only the summer heat that's causing me to sweat. I'm hoping to return to my routine next week. I'm afraid to face the weighing scale again. :( hahahaha It's time for payback and bounce back.

At this point, I'd like to believe that much of the workload has been accomplished. I can concentrate on my day job and personal errands. Hopefully, the upcoming Holy Week break will permit me to reorganize and experience that much needed rest. 

I miss the days when I can keep away my laptop to finish a freelance work. This weekend, I'm back to my usual messy table. Checking my pile of postcards, books and writing entries in my planner. I guess the only time I need my laptop is when I need to watch movies and some K drama. :p

Thank you C. Joy Bell C. for this reminder. Let this be another reason and motivation of why we should pursue our dreams. 

Bad dreams go away, good dreams are here to stay. Thank you Sheilla  for these wonderful dream catchers. See more of Sheilla's artwork through her Instagram account

Weekly Planner Mess - It's been a while since I last posted my planner mess. I hope I can consistently do it for the next weeks. 

Setting aside the serious side of my life, some other things I recall from the past weeks include, the ending of my favorite K drama series. My Golden Life finally reached its 52nd episode. Truth to be told, I stopped watching the series when it reached the 40th episode. Blame the mobile app, VIU for restricting access to fresh episodes. It would take days before I can watch a full episode using my guest account. Added to this, my iPhone started to malfunction and admittedly, I somehow felt bored with the series. I think I have to explain this in another post. I have yet to finish and write my sentiments.

Facebook and YouTube have become my refuge after a long, tiring and unfulfilling day at work. Over the past weeks, Brian Obias gave me that much needed comic relief. Added to this the short clip about "Aling Vicky." I swear, I watched these video clips several times and still find everything so hilarious. You can check out Brian's videos here and here.  

And speaking of videos, this short clip is driving me crazy :p

Other than earnings from freelance works, it's only Ho-pin Tung I want to talk about these days. Ahahahahahahahaha And because of this video, I will no longer have plans of coloring my hair. :p Asian Brunette wins!!!! ;)

I'm feeling quite happy to end this post. It's one of the rare times when I can sleep without worrying about tight deadlines and schedule. Wishing everyone a great week ahead!