Unfortunately, this is late for my usual Sunday post. I thought I have more than enough time during the Holy Week break. But family reunions and rushed freelance works took a toll on my health. What I thought as petty dizziness attacks eventually intensified. My world was literally spinning as soon as I wake up.  I now understood what Vertigo meant. Dizziness that heighten even when I attempt to close my eyes. I was advised to refrain from doing anything stressful, which includes using my laptop, mobile phone and prolonged hours of watching TV. I followed medical orders, except using my mobile phone. :p I need my mobile phone to keep me occupied and inspired?!!! especially when stalking my crush’s Instagram account. Hahahahaha Another unfortunate reality, Instagram is the only way I can be updated with Ho-pin Tung. (Read my past Sunday posts to know more about him. Hahahahaha)

On a serious note, I’m feeling better now. The blurry and spinning visions in the morning are gone. I hope it won’t come back again. I want to be healthy because I have another set of potential freelance work. :p Added to this, the school year is about to end. This also means the end of my evening classes. It’s that time of the year again when I can catch sunsets, after a long day from work. If there’s anything I wanted to achieve this summer, it’s having the chance to reach home early, get enough sleep and be more consistent with exercise. My obese BMI badly needs it. 

I spent the entire Holy Week break at home. It has always been the same every year, but I don't ever get tired of it. Waking up late, skipping breakfast for a sumptuous lunch with the family, spending time with my cousins and meeting some good old friends from my hometown, I will never get tired of this routine. But my favorite has always been sunsets in the company of the best people. It would have been better if coupled with great food. :) But a few drinks, chips and never ending stories can compensate. :) 

Some scenes from my weekend mess, I don't know when will I ever outgrow books and postcards. :)

And some inspirations for this week

Wishing everyone a great week ahead... albeit late ;)