Sunday, May 27, 2018

Beautiful Sunday # 317 - End of May

It's the last few days of May. Soon enough, summer is officially over. Save for the classic question, where did time go? It has been the same cycle every year, may it be in work or life in general. What differentiates everything are the memories that came with it. I don't have out of town trips. I really miss traveling. I hope to see a new place at least before 2018 ends. Except for the unexpected hotel staycations, there's nothing significantly memorable. Probably, save for the few times I had unplanned dinners with friends. The rest was all about my day job, blessings of freelance works, two straight months of wearing sneakers (best decision ever) and catching sunsets because I don't have evening classes. 

The next months mean back to normal working mode. This reminds me, I will miss the less traffic and spacious trains, because students are on vacation. Although this year, the institution where I work for synchronized with the international school calendar. I'm not sure how will this work, considering that typhoons in Manila arrive on the months of July to October. Actually, a number of schools in Manila have adjusted their opening of classes. Unfortunately, not everyone is synced because some start in July, August and a few on September. I sound so pessimistic and someone against changes. Hahahaha I may not appear supportive but deep inside, I'm anything that leads to improvement. After all, it's one of my responsibilities at work. I will not get on the details of my work. One thing sure, I do things that bore other people. ;)

So much about my sentiments, here are the beautiful things that happened last week

Weekly table mess

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Beautiful Sunday# 316 - Halfway May

The past few hours was spent stalking details of the Royal Wedding. ;) I watched the livestream while checking the contents of my social media accounts. Things I appreciate include the simple yet elegant plant ornaments at St. George's Chapel, Lady Jane Fellowes (Princess Diana's youngest sister) rendered the only reading, entrance of Prince William and Prince Harry (Princess Diana must have been smiling in heaven), Prince Harry's wedding suit and seeing a junior version on Prince George and the other pageboys, Duchess Meghan's veil details that represented the 53 countries of the Commonwealth, restored E-type blue Jaguar the couple used to head to their after-wedding party and The Kingdom Choir's rendition of Stand by Me. As for the best dressed, I love Kitty Spencer's D&G green dress, Karen Spencer's monotone look, and Victoria Beckham's navy dress. 

Other than the most awaited Royal Wedding, the past days were fine (I guess) except for some manageable hiccups at work. So far, I'm enjoying the rare times I can leave the workplace early. I can still catch sunsets in Manila. And these days, me and my friend A have been walking towards the train station. Our usual route includes passing along the historic Escolta Street. And as always, we still wish that an administration will finally have a sustainable action to restore its glorious days. If that is too much to ask, a great clean up project can work as its initial stage of restoration.

Meanwhile, here's more from last week in photos

Weekly table mess - I'm impressed with the quality of my Instax photos. There was no indication of discoloration, even though some of the were taken more than 5 years ago. Although these days, I rarely use my Instax mini. Maybe it's time to take it out and use it again. 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Beautiful Sunday # 315 - Two weeks after

Two weeks!!! I'm not sure if anyone here noticed. I didn't upload any Sunday post for two consecutive weeks. It almost went to three, because this post didn't make it on a Sunday. As much as I'd like to say, there has been so much going on with my life, the real reason was shallow. Freelance works got in the way. :p I've become a slave of my desire to earn additional money. The past weekends meant chasing deadlines, mining data and what seems to be an endless process of editing. While I can always handle the bulk of workload, the changing requirements never fail to exhaust and irritate me. I was working from midnight till dawn. I will force myself to wake up before lunch, with bad skin and swollen face. I even made plans for this weekend. Finish some work and the never ending promise to exercise. Unfortunately, my laziness overpowered everything. ;) 

I was trying to recall all the events that happened the past two weeks. First thing that came in my mind was the historic event between North and South Korea. While for my dear country, I'll keep my mouth shut about everything. :( These days, I just entertain myself with a nice movie, good food and the company of some great friends. I recently discovered Kore-eda Hirokazu's films and the happiness of eating Samgyeopsal. I swear, I can survive a week eating grilled pork belly wrapped in fresh lettuce. I recently watched The Third Murder, one of the critically acclaimed films of Kore-eda Hirozaku. I love the movie and discovered that he also directed another Japanese film that I love, Like Father, Like Son

I don't have much stories to share because life over the past weeks have been the same. Work-home-freelance work- sleep :D I almost forgot, some online shopping. ;) Other than these monotony, here's the past week in pictures.

Weekly table mess