Halfway of the year now, I'm trying to recall anything significant and meaningful when 2018 started. Unlike last year, the first months were relatively lighter in terms of my day job. What ended to be challenging was the freelance works. If I'm not mistaken, this year gave me the most opportunities. I'm more than thankful because it meant additional income, unexpected learning and a great way to break the monotony of my day job. 

I didn't make any out-of-town trips, but the hotel staycation somehow compensated. I was able to catch a few good movies and missed a few I have been awaiting. I haven't seen the last sequel of Pitch Perfect. I got hooked with K dramas like Birth of a Beauty and My Golden Life. Once in a while, I get to see some of good old friends. I have friends I only see once a year. But I have those who make all means to accommodate random meet ups. There were also those who make their presence felt, albeit online. My constant learning over friendships, it has always been presence over presents. And quoting some lyrics from a nice song, those who can let the distance keep our friendships together. 

It's been a month since I made a journal entry. I don't know if I'm losing the interest. These days, my spare time has always been spent sleeping, reading or watching some K drama. Last year, journaling made me discover a community of fellow grown ups, who still love stickers, washi tapes, stationery and all the beautiful paper stuff. 

Postcard from Marieken - Thank you for never ever getting tired of sending me the best postcards and unique stamps from the Netherlands. Like what you said, life feels a little better when you see postcards than a pile of bills from the mailbox. ;)

Same goes with Terra, I love the painting from this recent card.

Life is better when you're smiling ... well, sometimes :p I scored this notebook from The Paper Stone Shop's recent sale. I love the paper products from this store. Problem is, my budget does not agree with the prices of their notebooks. Last Friday was a different story when I discovered that all items were sold 70% off from its original price. I was so tempted to buy several items. 

My recent acquisition from my collection of used postcards. From New York to Philippines on December 21, 1909. I already have leads to the true owner of this postcard. :) I'll surely make a separate post about this.

Everything from Singapore - Both the notebook and The Golden Duck's Fish Skin Chips are from Singapore. Thanks to my colleague who gave this bag of chips. 

And because next week, I'm back to my office uniform again. I will miss the summer months when I wore my comfiest rubber shoes for almost three months. Walking, running and standing will never be that comfortable anymore.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!