I wasn't able to blog last weekend because .... freelance works. :) Everything needs to be accomplished before Monday. In effect, I confined myself at home over the weekend. Come Sunday, I felt I needed some reward. So here comes food delivery to the rescue. ;) I craved for Charlie Chan and chicken wings from Yellow Cab. As of typing this post, I feel that I didn't have enough Charlie Chan and part of me wants some doughnuts from J.Co. :D It's always like this whenever I get overwhelmed with work.

I already mentioned this in my past post, but this year is record breaking for my freelance works. There was never a month I went idle. Meanwhile, my day job has a different story. The tasks are manageable, but some people around aren't. ;) This time, I learned that even former colleagues can still become some pain in the ass.

It all started when a former colleague uploaded photos on Facebook of his termination letter dated last year and a recent letter of appreciation for his exceptional performance. Initially, I felt happy for this colleague. As it appears, he found a better workplace. Unfortunately, the succeeding contents of the post changed my outlook. More so, when other former colleagues started venting out harsh thoughts to the institution we all worked for. One even claimed that our performance appraisal system is being "doctored" or altered. She emphasised how she performed all her duties and responsibilities yet at the end of the day, she did not receive her "deserved" performance rating. Part of me was tempted to break her allegations because, I knew the truth behind her rant. I can even explain how her low performance rating was derived, both on the math and human relations side. It was simple, her superior was not satisfied with her working performance. The issue was between her and her former superior. I just find it unfair to blame and drag the name of the entire institution for some personal related issues. 

While everything is already water under the bridge, the incident caused me to overanalyse again. ;) Bad mouthing will make you look bad. :p It happens even if facts support you being the victim. I also noticed, most successful people I know never ranted or displeased anyone on social media. Also, uttering harsh words against former employers is not a good idea. This goes well with my firm belief that that there are no bad places, there are just bad people. 

On the positive side, I will always be inspired by retired colleagues, who make all means to support the institution and former colleagues. I have a few of them active in Facebook and it always feels great to connect with them, albeit online. Simple gestures like sending personal messages, especially on your birthday, means a lot to me. I treat them as my mentors. I will be forever grateful for all the knowledge and skills they shared to me. 

I think this post is getting too personal. :p The work ahead of me does not seem to end. As always, I'm beyond thankful for these working opportunities. 

I'm ending this post with some of my recent favourites. I'm happy to see lychees everywhere. I swear, I can eat this fruit everyday. For the first time, I'm also trying the power of essential oils. I received a set of diffuser and oil from an online friend last week and I'm trying each variant everyday.