It has been raining non-stop in Manila the past week. Rare times like this make me happy only because of the colder weather. Unfortunately, this weather is always coupled with the hassles of flooded streets, suspension of train's operations, traffic and worst case, temporary shut down of electricity. Having been working for a school, classes were suspended and I was spared from some of these inconveniences. I spent the past days at home getting more than enough sleep, browsing my social  media accounts and watching some drama series. 

Like what I always expected, I thought I will be enjoying my quiet time at home. Unfortunately or fortunately, more time meant discovering some much needed home repairs. The sight of stained ceilings and stripping paint on walls disturbs me. I gained another unpleasant surprise when I sought an estimate for a repainting job. The cost was way above my expectation. This again brings me to freelance works. :p (Since 2018 started, I think all my Sunday posts contained freelance works.) But seriously, any  #RAKETship (freelance work) is always, a welcomed opportunity even without a need. ;)

On the less serious side of my life, I watched Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again with my friend A. Like the first sequel, it didn't disappoint. It's 5 out of 5 stars from the acting, singing and entire production. It was refreshing to see Santorini and all shades of blue. Other than the story, I can't help but notice the resemblance of English actress, Lily James and Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach. I'm also bothered with the evident fine lines on Amanda Seyfried's face. She looked older than her age. Pierce Brosnan is still handsome, except that he looked a little fat in the movie. :p 

Here are more from the past week in photos

A few of my favorites - Amazing Grace will always be one of my favorite scents. I find the citrus scent of Breath Essence's essential oil so refreshing. I bought a new and illustrated version of The Little Prince from National Bookstore. I can't resist the pastel colored illustrations. Lastly, Faith Love Hope's Pure Love Organic Balm serve as my companion before sleeping. It helps me reduce my feet's numbness every morning. 

I'm not really sure if essential oils are giving me real health benefits. But I'm more than contented with the refreshing scent it leaves in my room.

Happy Mail - Thank you for the unicorn postcard Marieken. :)

The rare times you can see shades of red in my feed. - Other than a great movie, I'm always in the look for the best popcorn. So far, my favorites include white cheddar popcorn from Gateway Cineplex  (it's flavorful and does not stain fingers) and sour cream from SM Cinema. Also in the photo is some evidence of retail therapy from a favorite local brand. Although admittedly, I still prefer the old blue and white theme of Kamiseta. 

I started typing this post on Saturday midnight. I got distracted along the way. I ended browsing other sites and as always, my social media accounts. The rain started to make its presence again on the wee hours of Sunday. I felt strong winds and soon enough, thunderstorms. I charged all my mobile devices, I fear that electricity might be temporarily shut down. I overslept and woke up in time of lunch. The weather is not getting any better. Announcement for class suspension came too early. It's good news for me, but not for my productivity and fear of another weight gain. What I thought would be another relaxing day was disrupted with some "rework"from my freelance stints. I can sense an upcoming headache. ;) Time to gather myself and face reality. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!