I can't exactly remember when and how did I discover essential oils. My guess is from some bloggers I follow.  My interest intensified when I encountered more people sharing photos and life changing experiences. I became more curious, I was willing to spend for the sake of trying. Much to surprise, the first brand I encountered was way above my budget. I wasn't ready to spend Php 8,000 for a starter kit. I discovered other brands but just the same, expensive. I guess I was quite lucky because an online friend gifted me with a complete starter kit. Thanks P! I received a diffuser and eight variants of oil.

It was my first time to encounter Breathe Essence of Life. Most of the time, it has always been between Young Living and dōTERRA. Frequent benefits I heard from these brands include better sleep, prevention of allergic rhinitis, cough and colds. I would like to believe I have a good immune system. Hence, I rarely catch these common illnesses. My health struggle lies on my weight. :p 

I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. A year ago, I even crossed the border of obesity. I already lost some lbs, but such is not enough to normalize my BMI. As consequence, my ankles and heels became major casualties. I cannot easily stand  up after getting off from bed. It was also difficult to take my first steps in the morning. Likewise, my feet feel numb after prolonged sitting. This intensifies if my feet were flexed or suspended for some time. It was also difficult for me to get off the car after traveling for long hours.

I'm not sure if Breathe helped me addressed this health struggle. Weeks ago, I placed the diffuser equipped with eucalyptus oil near my feet. I slept while the diffuser was running. A few days ago, I noticed that the degree of my feet's numbness lessened. Although admittedly, I wasn't fully convinced. Maybe, my efforts in exercising were starting to work. But just the same, I continued this practice. Hopefully, the numbness will go away and so as my additional weight. :p

Honestly, I don't have much expectations with Breathe. When I checked their website, the product descriptions and benefits were not provided. Same goes with the individual boxes of each oil. Maybe, the company doesn't really claim to give health and life changing benefits. As a point for improvement though,  I guess this is something they can implement.

Setting aside the health benefits, I'm already contented with the clean and refreshing scent of each essential oil. Its aroma is more than enough to set my mood for relaxation. So far, my favourite scents include orange, lavender, peppermint and sandal wood. On summer months, I love the refreshing scent of orange. I use peppermint when I want to eliminate any unpleasant odor. After a long and stressful day, I find the scent of lavender to be so relaxing. I use sandal wood both when I feel lazy to clean my room or after a successful weekend clean up. 

Breathe is a Singapore brand available in other countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, China, India, New Zealand and France. In the Philippines, I've only encountered one distributor. If interested, check out Theradrops via Instagram