This weekend feels quite unusual. There are no freelance works and deadlines to chase. I'm restless, part of me feels there's something needed to be done. Maybe, it's time to #KonMari or tidy up my room again, start and finish a drama series and go back reading. But deep inside, all I wanted is to eat and sleep. ;) The more I age, the more I appreciate my sleeping hours. On weekdays, it's a luxury to get eight hours of sleep. More so, when my part time teaching stint requires me to report at 7 am. My new schedule left me quite surprised, it's been years since I had early morning classes. The three-month break also made my teaching skills feel a little rusty. Oh well, it has always been like this after a vacation. 

Before the weekend started, a retired colleague and mentor celebrated her birthday. It was an afternoon filled with great food and laughter. I also met former colleagues and just like that, it felt like the good old days again. They always say, people come and go, especially at the workplace. In my case, most just end up leaving. It's a rare case to have colleagues turned friends, who make their presence felt. I share the same fate with people I became close with in college and graduate studies. I guess, I will never get used to with this inevitable part of life.

I think I'm getting too serious again. On the lighter side, here are some pictures from last week.

Slow and quiet mornings - Can everyday be like this? 

Another version of quiet mornings, this time with one of my favorite Filipino food.

Because weekends always mean having a mug of Taho

Insert some unhealthy food in the afternoon 

Other than work and food, much of time has always been consumed by social media. My Facebook and Instagram newsfeed have been my companions on the way to work and the patience testing traffic at night. Three things have caught my attention lately. First was how the story of that decade old crime in Cebu resurfaced. I was in elementary when it happened and I remember watching several documentaries. My mind was blown away by how some young millennials expressed their opinions, most defended the side of the accused. I was tempted to share my observations only to later discover, there was an upcoming movie about the case. I get it. Publicity whether good or bad, is still publicity.

Another thing that bothered me was this Kuwaiti blogger, who complained of a new policy that aims to uplift the welfare of Filipino domestic workers. In her point of view, Filipino helpers being allowed to have a once a week day off was too much. What I read was enough. I will never have a heart for inconsiderate and unkind employers. Oh, I also don't find beauty with excessive eye make up. :p Hahahahaha Sorry.

Lastly, this video of a Filipino tasked to translate some English terms irritated me. FYI, there's a Filipino translation for the word, cheers. Likewise, the Filipino language has its own tongue twisters. Nakakapagpabagabag .... and yes, I'm bothered how some Filipinos are becoming alienated with the local language. There was even another fashion blogger, who attempted to post a caption in Filipino. The intention maybe good, but it made me cringe for a while. Some of her followers even made fun of it, which I find quite inappropriate. In addition, I noticed how some local news reporters mispronounced a number of Filipino words and places. Rizal and Quezon will not be proud. ;)  Although admittedly, I also feel a degree of guilt. I can't even remember the last time I wrote a full essay in Filipino. 

I ranted too much in this post. ;) Here's my attempt to still end on a positive note. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead.