The weekend gave us a better weather. I woke up on a warm Saturday morning with fresh fruits and the smell of a homecooked meal. I captured some photos, had lunch with the family and met one of my favorite friends in the afternoon. On Sunday, we celebrated my cousin's birthday with a sumptuous lunch and dessert. Everything felt slow and relaxing, it was the perfect way to end a disappointing week. I have a long narrative at the end of this post. Before anything else, here are some photos from last week. 

Unhealthy and healthy - trying to create something from these two bowls 

When I discovered how to make s'mores 

Weekend afternoon snacking

Thank you Marieken and Terra for the postcards and goodies

Another surprise from the mail - Thank you LiLi

Three things I remember from the past week, I visited the wake of my colleague's daughter. Another colleague ended a long time relationship. The heavy downpour of rain on Friday morning brought endless traffic and hassles, especially to those living in the Northern part of the Metro. It seems like nothing good happened last week. Maybe, I will remember something at the end of this post.

A few months ago, I remember a colleague sharing a sad experience through his Facebook account. My colleague assisted a parent looking for the office handling the distribution of graduation photos. Along the way, my colleague learned that the parent's child already passed away. My colleague, who is also a parent, felt something beyond sadness. Fast forward last week, my colleague never imagined he would share the same fate. Her daughter, who recently graduated from college, died from a ruthless hit and run incident. To add up to the family's pain, they are having a hard time identifying the vehicle that took her daughter's life. I was lost for words, the least I did is to pray for my colleague and his family.

Another story within the workplace, I didn't expect that two of my colleagues will part ways after seven years. News like this are often the favourite topics of gossip-addict colleagues. Not in my case though. News that interest me are limited to salary raise and promotion. :p Anyway, the only reason I felt concerned is because I'm friends (more of an  Auntie-ish friend hahahaha) with the guy left behind. It was quite a "messy" break up. Wait, was there ever a clean break up? :D What's making everything worst, social media particularly Facebook. The girl uploaded photos with another guy, whom she admitted to be courting him. While this side of the story is not my concern anymore, I feel annoyed for my friend. Seeing such things does not help my friend come out of his sad and pathetic state.

Last Friday was probably one of the patience-testing days for this year. There was no typhoon, but a heavy downpour of rain happened in the morning. Leaving home early for my 7 am class was a great decision because colleagues residing from the northern part of the Metro were hours late. Things like this are proven and tested, the best way to ruin someone else's day. I felt it because despite being #TGIF, I encountered a number of grouchy and irritated faces. :p

Finally, I thought of something positive that happened last week. I met my high school friend A and we watched Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible 6 - Fallout. My observations, age is becoming evident on Tom Cruise's face and body. I can see fine lines on his face. His shoulders are already sluggish. I can still remember his wide and toned upper body years ago. Focusing on the movie, it managed to maintain its level of intense suspense and action. There's still an element of unpredictability and the constant death-defying helicopter scenes did not disappoint. 

I think I became a little talkative today. ;) It's another long week ahead.