Unfortunately, this is too late for a Sunday post. Last week was quite hectic because of a major event at work. I felt all the exhaustion on Friday afternoon. The extended weekend felt like a much needed  break. In as much as I'd like to rest and sleep, I have a pending freelance work. Hence, I spent both Saturday and Sunday finishing a lengthy paper. Monday was supposedly devoted for rest. But my cousins made unexpected plans. I was on rush mode again. I finished all my product photography tasks in the morning and spent the rest of the afternoon with them. We ended the day with a sumptuous dinner in one of my favourite hometown restaurants. Cafe Lidia is always, for the win! 

My default weekend photo ;) The past weeks or probably months already has been all about my monotonous breakfast bowl. It has always been about kiwi, banana, granola and Quaker oats. Pardon the repetitiveness, but kiwi and anything colour green really look so refreshing in my eyes. 

Stuck today, inspired tomorrow - Exactly my sentiments ... I feel lousy and sluggish after a week of productivity. At this rate, my body is still calling me to rest and sleep. Added to this, it's been more than two weeks since I had a decent exercise. My cravings and hunger hormones have also become consistently productive. :p

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! Hopefully, it will be productive and fulfilling next week.