It was another tiring week. There was a major event at work in the middle of the week. As always, a lot of admin work needs to be accomplished. I still handle clerical jobs like sorting documents and getting paper cuts in between. Once in a while, I drop by the bank to withdraw funds for the office. I request food delivery. I keep receipts and prepare liquidation reports. Not that I'm complaining, it's more of having a love-hate relationship. I appreciate admin work because it uses less brain and analyses. I hate it because it leaves me dead tired, after all the physical efforts it demanded. A day filled with walking and coordinating means dozing off during my train ride. On worst days, I will miss my train stop and end up alighting on the last station. 

Friday, as expected, felt like my most awaited day of freedom. Everything was wrapped up with a little surprise. I had an unexpected fridate with my girlfriends. It was the perfect way to end a loaded work week. Over the weekend, all plans were set aside to give way to .... sleep. :p These days, weekends are always devoted for rest and some photos. :)

This post is too late for my Sunday series. I felt so tired last weekend. Added to this, we laid to rest another elder member of the family. Barely a year after my grandfather passed away, my family experienced another death. I'm trying to remain positive, as my Auntie is finally free from the burdens of her respiratory disease. Times like this never fail to  make me feel frightened. I'm beginning to worry about my parents and brother. In our country where health and social services are very expensive, I always pity the bereaved family members. Some families cannot even grieve because of the burdens of hospital bills to funeral related expenses. The government can contribute a lot for improvement but these days, there are more serious issues that need to be addressed. Fake news, deteriorating Peso and recently, inflation. Speaking of inflation, I feel both irritated and worried with all the inaccurate information circulated. Unfortunately, a number of my Facebook contacts are sharing misleading content of this critical economic indicator. I'm really tempted to write a separate blog post on Inflation 101. 

I think I'm on the way to ranting. :p As always, wishing everyone a great week ahead.... even with all the negativities around.