The storm has passed ... literally and in a way, figuratively? I hope I have same answers to both questions. Let's leave the latter question in another post. ;) Last week, my social media newsfeed was flooded by warnings of an upcoming typhoon. On Thursday night, there was the unusual yet expected crowd in supermarkets and groceries. A lot took the weather advisory seriously, except in our own home. We discovered an almost empty fridge on Saturday morning. We were able to survive until lunch. We opted for unhealthy fast food for dinner. By Sunday morning, the weather was better. There was a sight of sunshine, prayers were answered.

Other than the threatening typhoon, the past week gave me some feeling of accomplishment. I was able to join the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), attended an errand to a government agency, mailed some postcards and almost finished another set of paperworks. Almost .....  because I gained another set of work upon checking my email. (insert face palm) While typing this post, my mind feels so lost with all the upcoming work. And sure enough, a malfunctioning laptop is not helpful these days. Before everything gets messed up again, here are some photos to remind me of last week. 

What I took home from the MIBF - It's a coffee table book showcasing the life of Yves Saint Laurent. Another addition to my addiction. :p If I can't own any of those coveted signature bags from the likes of Hermés, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, I'm fine collecting any of their official coffee table books. As far as I know, Louis Vuitton has the most number of releases. They have editions for bags, wardrobe, travel to the architectural styles of their stores. As mentioned in my previous post, I saw a copy of Louis Vuitton Catwalk during the MIBF. Unfortunately, budget constraints. I ended buying All About Yves. It looks too formal from the outside. To my surprise, the pages are colourful and in a way, interactive. :) It's like having a pop-up book for grown ups. I'll try to take photos of the book on my next post. 

Another MIBF find, I finally have a photo essay book of my favourite K drama. Best about everything, I acquired it 50% off its original price. Yay! The book comes with stickers and photos of Song Joong Ki!!! I also received a free copy of Eat Out Now with this purchase. Thank you Summit Media for the great freebie. 

In the middle of a busy work week and bills to pay, I found this beautiful card. Thank you Terra!

More than half of September already passed. I can't seem to catch up with the work and everything that has been going on with life. It would be nice to have a little breather, a nice hotel staycation will do. But #adulting is making its full presence now.  :(

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!