Another week, another set of accomplishments. I hope so. Details of last week went like a blur. All I can recall was the need to rush my students' grades and having a rather quiet week for writing reports. There's this critical report I've been doing for months. It has always been set aside whenever a new assignment arises. I gave myself every end of the month to complete everything. Unfortunately, I messed up. My deadline extended to several months already. This is my worst record, the longest time I spent to complete this report. :( Other things where I messed up, exercise. I blame the take home work from teaching and freelance. My system can't anymore accommodate exercise for sleep. Although to my defense, I read a number of articles emphasizing choosing sleep than exercise. I found an excuse ;) but still, I'm not giving up exercise. It was the only solution I found for my aching soles.  

Setting aside my uninteresting work life, here are some photos from last week

Weekend Snacking - My all time favorite find lately is Nestle's Nestea Milk Tea. This is not the first time I shared this here. But Nestea's version is the closest substitute for those expensive milk teas on shopping malls. I just need to find out where I can find a cheap source for tapioca pearls.

Boulangerie's Green Matcha S'mores Cookie and Song Joong Ki ;) - Enjoying both the book and cookie ;) 

A page from Yves Saint Laurent's coffee table book

Is it too early to dust off those holiday decors? :) 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! And if it is not too much to ask, may I request your help to help me win Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory's photo contest. Details are provided on my previous post. Please like my Facebook entry through this link. Thank you in advance. :)