Admittedly, I have limited knowledge about Yves Saint Laurent (YSL). I'm more familiar with the brand and the popular product lines such as Tribute Sandals, Cabas Bag and one of my dream bags, the Sac de Jour. But YSL or Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent as a haute couture is a stranger to me. The most I can remember about him was being bold enough to create designs that allowed women to wear comfortable tuxedos. 

Thanks to the 2018 Manila International Book Fair, I found a coffee table book showcasing the life of YSL. Months ago, buying a book about YSL was never in my plan. My wish list of coffee table books include sketches from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes and Kate Spade. Unfortunately or fortunately, the last MIBF did not provide any coffee table book in my wish list. The shelves of Fully Booked were limited to another photo book from Prada, bridal book from Dior and the catwalk diaries of Louis Vuitton. All books looked great, except that only YSL fitted my budget. I was having last minute reservations with the purchase. Everything changed when I had the chance to explore each page. Much to my surprise, I was amazed with the contents and details. 

Like any other kid interested with fashion design, YSL expressed his creativity on paper dolls. The paper doll inserts were reprints of  his actual illustrations.

A surprise trivia, YSL became the youngest couturier in the world. Following the unexpected death of Christian Dior, YSL at 21 years old was appointed as the new head of the House of Dior.

Like Marc Jacobs, YSL also worked from another luxury brand before establishing his own label. Marc Jacobs from Louis Vuitton and YSL from the House of Dior. 

A critical phase in YSL's life was his relationship with Pierre Berge. 

The YSL Couture House will always have a significant place in the entire fashion industry. 

Digital reprints of his sketches are also provided as inserts.

One of the YSL's trademarks

The book gave me a glimpse of YSL's colorful and meaningful life. He might have his own share of controversies and downfall, but his contributions to the French fashion industry will always be valued.