Sunday, October 7, 2018

Beautiful Sunday # 335 - Life Lately and a Book Giveaway

Having a constant supply of freelance works has always been in my wish list every year. A few more months before 2018 ends, I'd like to believe that my wish was granted.The first quarter of 2018 gave me a great start. I had cooperative clients that led to successful projects. All the work also arrived in perfect timing. As soon as I wrap up one project, inquiries for another job started to come in.  The streak of freelance works even extended on the summer months. Everything slowed down when I started to have classes.

Fast forward to September, the last quarter of the year usually marks my lean period. Much to my surprise, I received a number of proposals .... I mean project proposals, not the proposal my mother wanted for me. Hahahaha The work involved is manageable, except that everything came at the same time. While I'm grateful for these opportunities, much of me feels disorganised, overwhelmed and worried. There's just too much on my plate these days. The next weekends will definitely be different. I have to forgo those slow, quiet and relaxing afternoons. This leads me, I'll also be away from this blog on the next weeks. To compensate my absence (as if my absence is felt hahahaha), I'm leaving a book giveaway for my Philippine based readers.

Get a chance to win this book

I'm giving away  a copy of The Little Book of POOH-isms, an original publication of Disney Press.

. It's a short and heart warming read for kids and the kids at heart. 

Here are the mechanics of the giveaway

1. The giveaway is open to all Philippine based readers.
2. Blogger or not, you are welcome to join the giveaway for as long as you have a Philippine address.
2. You need to answer the google form below

I'll be accepting entries until October 31, 2018. The winner will be announced and notified anytime on November 5, 2018. Please also note, I expect the winner to reply within five days. Otherwise, I have to choose another winner.

Have a great week ahead!

P.S.: Joining the giveaway signifies your willingness to share your full name, mobile number and address for shipment purposes. 


  1. There is a saying, it never rains but it pours, meaning right now you have so Many projects, which actually is a good thing and is due to your reputation. I won't be expecting to hear from you for a bit while you work work work.

  2. Hoping I'll win! Haha.. Will surely miss your weekly updates but priorities first. :-)

  3. Oops, I entered the giveaway, reading afterwards that it's not worldwide! Just read about an exhibition in the United States of Winnie the Pooh, made me think about you!

    1. No problem Marieken :) I appreciate the comment and suggestion :)


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