I'm currently savoring the week long holiday break. I'm enjoying my quiet time at home, albeit the presence of some freelance works. Aside from the Christmas break, I always look forward to the holidays of All Saints and All Souls Day.  It signals the end of my classes, I'm reunited with some of my cousins and I get some rest before the Christmas rush comes in full swing. 

Freelance works made my life over the past weeks. While I was able to accomplish everything, I felt inadequate for not complying with deadlines. I was luckily granted with extensions. Although part of me feels so lousy and disorganized. I have some areas to improve. I should have known my priorities. My only consolation, I hope my clients were contented with my work.

In the midst of all the work involved, some good things happened in between. The unexpected dinner with friends, random yet great movie finds on cable channels while freelancing, some skin related problems were finally healed, sumptuous dinner with the family and knowing that a friend has moved on after a heartbreak. Author, Cecelia Ahern called these as perfect little moments. My wish is that everyone here will have their own share.

Meanwhile, here's the past few weeks in photos

It's time to dust off the merriest decors again.

Enjoying this Warm Cotton scent from Mia Maison before I sleep. If you are not keen on essential oils or you probably just wanted your room to feel fresh and clean, I highly recommend this scent. 

Annual procession with my colleagues and  Chinese cuisine is always, a favorite 

Dad's pepper plant, our desperate attempt to make our office feel like The Dessert Museum for trick or treat, trying out a different milk tea and encountering a heart-shaped Mango tree in Quezon City

To more Binondo food trips and rare beautiful view from the Jones Bridge after work

And the milk tea addiction continues :p, cutest cake slices from Okada Manila and seeing shopping malls in full decoration mode again