The past week went like a blur. I remember finally closing a report I've been doing for months. I had my last meeting with my class, this means the first semester is over. I have a few weeks to rest from teaching. One of the meetings I attended left me with confusing thoughts. I dealt with the same unreasonable person. I was on the brink of uttering something I would regret. I held on to my composure so nothing worth gossiping happened. :p 

On the positive side, I had a great lunch with some younger colleagues. I received unexpected earnings. The best thing in life!!!! I ended the week shopping gifts for friends. Compared with the previous weeks, this was one of the longest and I should say, patience testing.

I've been feeling lazy and sluggish over the past weeks or months already. On weekends, all I wanted is to sleep. Years ago, I can accommodate simultaneous freelance works. These days, I feel so lousy and distracted. Maybe because I stopped exercising again. I eat too much. I'm distracted with other concerns in life. I can identify so many reasons but if there's something I wish these days, it's to return on working out or jogging. I badly needed it, especially since the holiday is coming and so as excessive eating. :p 

Speaking of eating, Bonchon's KO -dog and Korean fries is a current favorite. I consumed two value meals this week. The cute tumblers are from Macao Imperial Tea. I got to take home the cute and well-made glass tumbler with rubber protectors. I love Bench's mailbox packaging for its handtowels. For only Php 119, you get to take home a hand towel and the tin can mail box. Lastly, I love the exhibit showcasing a replica of the PhlPost's neoclassical facade.

I'm typing this post at 1:06 am. We had an unexpected holiday from work yesterday. I had so many plans only to end up sleeping the entire day. I was feeling so tired and lousy again. I really hope something better will emerge from me on the next days.