I guess everyone has been told countless times, personal issues have no space at the workplace. But as always, reality relates a different story. Like probably everyone here, I have my own set of experiences filed in this subject. I have forgotten some, unless someone or a situation reminded me. Like whenever Facebook memories brings out old rants and hate status messages. Sometimes, I cringe after realizing my shallowness. But what I discovered lately, my blog and personal journal are the better depositories of my issues and disappointments. Everything is detailed, except for the names of some people involved. 

A few weeks ago, I was tempted to rant about someone. I wanted to upload a quote relating how that person has become uncharitable, prejudiced and narrow minded. I'd like to believe that I already outgrew this behavior. Or maybe, Google just failed to give me an appropriate and discreet quote. Hahahaha But after checking my pile of work and other grown up concerns, I shift to another episode. I'm over and done, especially after I realized that payday is still, so faraway. Hahahahaha Or the best way to distract my attention, when a freelance work has been approved and soon enough, money will be on the way. 

I would love to say that so much has been happening in my life. But truth is, I'm occupied with working opportunities and least to say, some patience testing and inconsiderate beings. The good thing however, these negativities will diminish once I paid all my bills, I have something for my family and I can squeeze in some quality time with my friends. 

Setting aside, here are some photos from last week.

My first Christmas postcard came from the Netherlands - Thank you Marieken. You know how much I love vintage inspired cards. 

A few weeks ago, two college students thought that I was the mother of the grade school kids, who frequent our office. That hurts ahahahaha In a snap, I felt way older than my age. ;)  But if we do the Math, I'm already a qualified mother to a grade school kid. 

Some data mining activities probably felt my sentiments. When I checked my email, I learned a  promotional offer from The Body Shop. The Youth Cream I've been coveting is sold at a discounted price. As always, I gave myself another set of false hope. I'm hoping that this cream will make me look younger. I spent even though I'm completely aware that stress, worries and lack of sleep are the real culprits. :p 

What weekend mornings are made of 

Because notepads and Papemelroti are happiness 

And here's some good news, I'm hosting another giveaway. This time, I'm concealing the book's title. However, those who regularly visit my blog or Fully Booked can easily guess. ;) I'll make a separate post about the giveaway. But for those who can't wait, you can already join by answering the form below.