Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Birthday

I was looking forward to have a quiet and relaxing Christmas break. However, plans changed when friends showed interest to visit my hometown. Most of them were attracted with the Marikina Shoe Festival. The trade-show gathered the best local shoe manufacturers in one roof. Shoppers were in return treated to the best locally produced shoes at discounted prices. Right after Christmas, I started touring different groups of friends. The ending, I caught  a bad case of colds. Not to mention, all the food intake. ;) Other than shopping, I make it a point to bring friends to my well trusted restaurants.
The past days prevented me to blog and organize my dump of photo files. Like everyone else, I gained tons during December. Everything started during my birthday, which I almost forgot to blog. :) 

My 2018 birthday fell on a weekend. I didn't make plans, I held on to my birthday tradition. 

I had dinner with my closest friends.   

Pepper Lunch and Bo's Coffee on the eve of my birthday - Thank you for the friendship C and T!
On the day of my birthday, my wish to have Korean barbecue was granted - Thankful to my cousins, who gave in to my request.

I realized, this blog started a few days before my birthday in 2010. Count the number of years, I already had 8 birthdays in the blogosphere. I browsed my old posts and as expected, much has changed. Let's start with my weight :p, taste and preferences and people I've been with. I'm quite reluctant to admit it, but I have fears that intensified as I age. I worry about sickness, death and retirement. Being sick is expensive and emotionally draining. Same goes with death, just the thought of it already scares me. And lastly, there are days when I get restless whenever I thought of retirement.

Despite all the troubles and worries, I still feel grateful for every birthday that comes. I'm reminded that I've been blessed and surrounded by family, friends and the best opportunities. 


  1. Happy birthday Diane, you have good friends and family that celebrate you and with you. That food looks delish. I hope you let your fears fly away, I have them too! Let's do what I sometimes do, go to a place of beauty like the ocean and let your fears fly away. I give mine to God and he always takes them.

  2. Belated happy birthday Diane!
    Opposite naman tayo, ako kasi nagpaplano talaga for my birthday. Though paulit ulit lang naman every year na lunch/dinner with my closest friends, haha. Gusto ko lang siguraduhin na hindi ako mag-isa sa pagcelebrate ng birthday ko para hindi ako malungkot, hahaha.


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