Hello everyone! A few more hours before 2018 ends, I found the time to make my last Sunday post for the year. The past days went like a blur. Like what I mentioned in my previous post, I thought I will be having a quiet and relaxing Christmas break. Much to my surprise, several groups of friends signified intention to visit my hometown. I've been touring friends in Marikina the past few days. Most of them shopped for shoes. Other than shoes, my hometown is becoming a popular site for unique restaurants. Hence, I took the opportunity to bring them to my trusted favorites. It has mostly been Rustic Mornings by Isabelo, Industriya Marikina and Cafe Lidia. One group even decided to visit Pinto Art Museum the last minute. It was tiring but as always, a great pleasure to accommodate friends in my dearest hometown.

Here are more photos over the past days

The last day at work is always, the institutional Christmas party. I even dragged my friends to have samgyeopsal before we parted ways.

Samgyeopsal is love!!!!

The unexpected trip to Pinto Art Museum

Saw one of my favorite artworks :)

First time to see the museum during night time

Ended one of my tour groups with a great dinner at Industriya Marikina

On the succeeding day, our itinerary included shoe shopping, cake from Industriya and a sumptuous dinner at Cafe Lidia. 

I wanted to create a year-end post. But I realized, nothing much was documented in my previous Sunday posts. I didn't have travel adventures. I didn't have any out of town trips. To compensate, I had a lot of freelance works. It consumed much of my spare time, but I have no complaints. My freelance earnings augmented my income. I was able to tick off some items from my wish list. More importantly, it helped me finance my Father's 70th birthday celebration.  I hope the streak will continue on 2019. 

If there's anything dominant in my 2018 posts, it's all the book fairs I attended. :p Admittedly, I was present in all major book fairs in Manila. Next year though, I will limit myself to the Manila International Book Fair. I never mentioned in my previous posts but my Instagram account also paved the way for another freelance work. A local distributor of essential oils hired me to capture photos for their social media accounts. I hope the work arrangement will continue on the succeeding years. 

I lost my lone surviving grandparent in 2018. My grandfather passed away early this year. A few months after, another family member passed away. This has been a constant source of my fear, for as long as I can remember. 

My prayer every year, good health, stable job, more time with the family, financial freedom and the strength to overcome everything. Thank you 2018, it has been a great year. Thank you for the blessings, opportunities and the continuous love and support of friends and family. 

I look forward to what 2019 will bring to us. Wishing everyone a prosperous 2019!