The long weekend was the best.  I was able to accomplish some year-end errands. I completed my Christmas shopping. I spent an entire day with my cousins. I was able to successfully book a last minute staycation with my friend A. More importantly, I had my most awaited samgyeopsal. It was the best way to cap off the holiday.

Before savoring the long weekend, I had my share of patience testing incidents. Lengthy meetings and heated discussions that as always, left me drained and exhausted. Explaining my side while everyone is obviously leaning to rejection. Listening to incoherent and irrational thoughts. Dealing with people, who wants to look and feel smart. In the middle of that "battle," my mind wandered and brought me to other places and circumstances. I thought of my life if I was a full time freelancer. If I get paid for taking photos and doing some visual merchandising. Or if I simply return to my work station and get things done. I hate complications, but that's how things work in the world of grown ups. 

On the lighter side of life, I love this watermelon postcard from Marieken.

Souvenirs from our annual spiritual recollection - The week started with our annual spiritual recollection. After several years, we went out of Manila for this event. The early call time was a challenge, but the entire day was worth it.

Waking up for this on weekends

Sending out Christmas postcards and deciding whether to keep the dog stamps to myself :p

Still dreaming of this :)

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!