In the past years, December is quite a laid back period for my teaching stint. But changes in the school calendar happened. We just started second semester and everyone is having their own adjustment phase. In my case, I still struggle having a 7 am schedule. I've been teaching for almost a decade, but having early morning classes require me some time to settle. As for my office work, I admit the need to improve my productivity. I was slow and lousy, my working pace wasn't the same as last year. If there's anything to make me feel better, I hope to finish one last report before 2018 ends.

Going back to usual theme of my December posts : the holiday rush, it's that time of the year when days are getting shorter. There's the usual question of where did time go again? I'm trying to savor the remaining days of 2018 by staying at home on weekends. Avoiding tempting places (aka shopping malls), getting back on my pile of good reads or enjoying a movie in the comforts of home. But life always have other plans. Or maybe, I'm too weak to refuse going out, especially if it means being with my friend AK or cousins. Like last weekend, my cousins brought me to a local shoe manufacturer that produces cheap yet stylish loafer mules. I craved for samyeopsal, only to discover the long queue and ended dining at North Park. Because of this, I'm still craving for a round of this unlimited Korean dish. On a serious note, Manila is invaded by Korean grill restaurants. A few years ago, you might need to cross cities to find a Korean dining place. These days, it's quite easy to look for one. I'm not sure if the interest or hype will eventually subside. What I know for sure, it's not hard for Filipinos to appreciate anything Korean these days. 

What are you grateful for? As always, family and friends. I have expanded my definition of friends, I included those I met online. Terra will always be one of them. Her letters never fail to keep me going.

Books and Borders Cafe - I discovered this silent coffee shop in the middle of the busy Araneta Center in Cubao. This looks to be a better study and meeting place. The chairs are comfortable, tables are spacious, power outlets are abundant and more importantly, varied reading materials for everyone. 
I tried Ramen Nagi for the first time. I ordered the spiciest and survived it. :p

Calamansi cheesecake from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - Another first and surprisingly, I liked it. But if given the choice, I would still go for their Toblerone cheesecake. Unfortunately, it looks like they have removed it from their menu.

Pistachio and Ferrero Rocher - Let's stop counting the calories ;) 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!