A few weeks ago, I was complaining how the first month of the year seems to be so long. It was physically and emotionally draining. Set aside the freelance works, it was a challenging month. When February came, I told myself this will be my month of recovery. Half way this month, I can say that I'm gradually coping. I hope so ... I hope this will carry on this week until the succeeding months. 

I've been counting the days to weekends. As always, the best way to start the weekend is to have a great breakfast. Blame a local cooking show, I decided to have mashed potato and chorizo for weekends. It's my first time to make mashed potatoes from real potatoes. I skipped the convenient powdered version sold in supermarkets. With the help of cheese, milk, butter and bacon strips, I was able to make my own perfect version. Though I admit, the bacon was a sinful addition. ;) Maybe next time, I'll add strips of vegetables or use asparagus as side dish instead.

My sentiments lately - Sadness and Bing Bong will always be my favorite characters from Inside Out. But between the two, Bing Bong is a favorite of people within my circles. Bing Bong is every grown up's secret and heart-wrenching hero. 

Another underrated Walt Disney film is The Good Dinosaur. Meet Arlo, who has a lot to say about growing up and overcoming your fears. My favorite line from the movie was from Arlo's dad, "You gotta earn your mark by doing something big, for something bigger than yourself." 

And here's to more books on cold weekend mornings - I still love that the colder weather is extended on February. I love the rare cold evening breeze in Manila, whenever I walk to the train station. The more than one kilometer walk from the office to the train station served as my lone exercise lately. I think it's been more than a month since I last had a decent exercise. I always promise myself to start on the succeeding week. True enough, it has always been a consistent source of procrastination.  I'm afraid of meeting the weighing scale again. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! Hopefully, the last week of February will be great for us.