Sunday, February 17, 2019

Reviewed! 1919 Grand Cafe

A few months ago. I encountered a Facebook post featuring this Cafe. Its location was quite a surprise. It is situated in the stretch of Juan Luna Street, a few steps from Pasig River dock in Manila and the popular arch of Binondo. The surrounding area is not really the safest place in Manila. I never imagined a grand restaurant to emerge in the area. 

My curiosity never failed to bother me so last week, I was able to convince a few friends to finally try 1919 Grand Cafe.

What greeted us on the entrance :) The bears are exclusively produced for the Cafe. I wanted to acquire one, but restaurant policy says a minimum of Php 2,500 is required to acquire the bear. #Sawi Hahaha

Apologies for my unnecessary observation, but I don't like the candles placed with the bears. :D It feels like a mismatch in my standard. 

True to the photos shared by netizens, interior design is 5 out of 5 stars.

I love all the mismatched furniture and contrasting colors of each piece. A lot has also observed, the Cafe's interiors is a contrary to its facade. The building used to be Manila headquarters of The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation constructed back in 1919. Hence, the name of the Cafe.

I believe these coffee paraphernalia are on sale. 

While waiting for our food, I decided to explore the second floor.

The second floor houses a number of function rooms

Here are the other seats available on the second floor

What we ordered after having a full dinner in another place :p

Assorted flavored pizza 

I also had a slice of Mocha cake and freshly squeezed Calamansi

And to those who might be interested, here are photos of their menu

I failed to take photos of the other food we ordered. But in general, here are my observations

1. Food offering is a combination of American, Italian, Filipino and Chinese
2. Expect longer time for food preparation
3. Cake slices are just okay, nothing really special. I also had a slice of my friend's red velvet cake, it was just ordinary.
4. Customer service is great. Servers are courteous and reliable.
5. Lastly, I noticed that food servings are small. I was able to validate the observations of other food reviewers. I observed, most dishes are only enough for two persons.
6. As for taste, I'm giving 3 out of 5 stars. Food was good, but nothing really special or extraordinary.

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  1. It's surprising to find a place like this in Binondo! Back in the day (haha parang ang tanda ko na), people would flock to Lido for asado pandesal paired with coffee or hot chocolate, or even to Quik Snak for lumpia and cha mi. Addt'l trivia: My friend told me that the flooring is the original flooring from 1919 (1st floor)... Maybe they polished it a bit to look new :)


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