The rare times, when a holiday fell on a Monday. It's a sure treat because as always, weekends don't feel enough these days. I spent my quiet time at home with my family. I'm still watching Sky Castle, my first Korean drama this year. I slept for as long as I wanted. The highlight is when I was able to convince my least adventurous family members to try Samgyeopsal.

The past week was relatively lighter. Except that in the middle of the week, I was tasked to do something critical for an event next month. I wrote and personally delivered a letter of invitation to a special person in Manila. I needed to get a positive response in the soonest possible time. They were relying on me, but part of me was not feeling hopeful. Contrary to my expectations, the special person granted the invitation on the succeeding day. Mission accomplished!!! Shallow accomplishments like this are more than enough to make me happy and in a way, it boosts my diminishing self-esteem, It makes me realize, I can still make things happen. 

The good news kept pouring in. I received a little surprise last weekend. Another credible person in the field of entrepreneurship, initially declined our invitation. Come Sunday morning, we received news that her schedule was sorted out. She will be able to grant our request. Yay! These are the kind of workplace problems we wish to have. :p I hope everything will turn out well on the succeeding weeks. I also pray for supportive colleagues to fulfill this once a year event.  

Still about work, last Friday was special because of the Annual Employee Recognition Day. I still have the same sentiments on this kind of event. It feels bitter sweet, especially when I see retiring colleagues. Though they are recognized, part of me feels that everything should have been done in the course of their stay in the organization. I feel sad that we need to wait for retirement day to make someone feel special and realize their significant contributions. There are plenty of ways to appreciate colleagues. In my case, I always believe in the power of handwritten notes to letters. It does not cost anything, but its impact goes a long way. My appeal to superiors and subordinates, try to appreciate colleagues in any way you can. The more personal and discrete, the better it will be. 

I have been a staff for as long as I can remember. I have witnessed different kinds of superior-subordinate working relationships. I participated in a number of workplace studies and read some self-help books on working.  I can probably spent an entire day sharing my thoughts, on what I read and learned, from workplace relationships to employee empowerment. Each may present different schools of thoughts, but the one I always find true is the power of appreciation.

If only I have the power to implement an activity, I would like to survey or study colleagues. I wish to know when was the last time they felt appreciated. How do they feel whenever they are appreciated? What forms of appreciation they have experienced? How do they wish to be appreciated? Who are the people they feel underappreciated or underrated? I also wish to give colleagues the opportunity to identify people they wish to acknowledge. I'll compile results and ensure that those heart warming messages will reach the intended recipients. These days, I just feel that we need some positive and feel good activities.

I think I said a lot. On the lighter side, here are some photos from last week 

Quiet and relaxing mornings in bed 

The trusted products in my list

This book!!! I've been looking for a copy among my local bookstores. Though there is Amazon and Book Depository, I've been trying to skip online shopping to save .... for another purchase. :D I was so happy to see a discounted copy from National Bookstore's Book Blowout. I got it for less than Php 100, from its original retail price of Php 799. 

Sprouted Kitchen started as food blog of the couple, Sara and Hugh Forte. The success of their blog brought them to produce two books. I might return to the book sale and hopefully, find the first book they authored. 

And the forever favorite :)

Thankful to my least adventurous family who gave in to my request :)

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

P.S. But seriously, I hope that dream research on employee appreciation will push through.