I woke up feeling worried this morning. I dreamt losing one of my teeth. I grew up hearing the belief of elder family members, it signals an upcoming death. I felt bothered even though over time, I read a number of articles relating a different meaning. Some experts claimed that losing your teeth in a dream signifies the presence of stress, having fears on death and aging, symbolizes a new start, undergoing a life changing state and sometimes, insinuates the presence of anxiety. The articles I read seemed to provide the valid explanations. I have so much fears and worries lately. I'm on a stage of making decisions. I'm feeling restless with the unexpected workload. A freelance work has also been testing my patience, I'm forced to do something impossible. I feel like a mess. I feel so disorganized. My thoughts are all scattered. All these probably explained my dream. If there's anything that can comfort me these days, it's the presence of supportive friends and family, great food and the thought that nothing stays permanent. Soon enough, this will be over and I will be moving on a new stage. Hopefully, a better state. 

Last week was not the best in so many ways. Friday felt exhausting. I felt I deserved something great to cap off the week. So off I went to National Bookstore's extended Book Blowout Sale. I took home another set of books again. I think it has been three consecutive weeks of book shopping for me. Though in my defense, I bought early birthday gifts for some family members. I also convinced myself that this is way better than going to the Big Bad Wolf Sale. True enough, I found all the books I wanted from this sale. There's just so many coffee table, fashion and photography books. But at the end of the day, it meant spending again.  

And speaking of spending, here's the outcome of my splurge

Not included are four other books I planned to give as gifts or maybe, a giveaway soon. :) 

One of my best finds is Simon Sinek's book. Got this 80% off its original price. 

A little side story and a warning to those planning to purchase from National Bookstore's online shop. I first attempted to purchase this title from National Bookstore's site. I placed my order a week ago and didn't receive any update. Last Friday, I received an email that my order was cancelled. It was already out of stock. But to my surprise, National Bookstore's site is still actively selling the book. (Check this link) Nice one, National Bookstore!!! I was browsing my Facebook newsfeed and to my surprise, a lot of customers shared the same experience. There were similar complaints of their defective shopping site. At this stage, I don't recommend buying from their website. They have problems with their online inventory system.

So how did I acquire the book? I went to Cubao branch last Friday and another surprise came in. I saw piles of this title from the sale. You have so much to improve National Bookstore. :( This is quite unacceptable for a corporation with large scale operations.

If there's anything to compensate, my best find from the sale!!!! This has been in my wish list for as long as I can remember. I said it many times, if I can't afford to purchase a bag or shoes from these designer brands, I wish to collect their coffee table books. 

Two weekends in a row! Been having Samgyeopsal at home for two consecutive weekends. I bought the bacon cut pork belly from Shopwise instead of SM. And true enough, my impressions were accurate. Pork belly offered by Shopwise is way better. The slices are thinner, lesser fat on each strip and more importantly, it tastes better than the meat sold from SM Supermarket. 

And here's to wishing everyone a great week ahead! I hope your weekend was quiet and relaxing. :)