March was chaotic. I thought April will be the opposite. I was expecting a relatively relaxing month. But surprises came along the way. These days, it felt like the month of March was extended. I checked my posts from last year on the months of April. How I wish everything remained the same. My classes should have been over. I'm having laid back lunch breaks with my friends. I can catch sunsets after an entire day of work. I have more time in my hands. But these days, I'm still beating deadlines. Worst comes to worst, the charger of my workplace's laptop gave up after 6 years. :(

I don't have much to share these days. As always, I'm a person of scattered thoughts. For the mean time, let me share some random things that interest me these days.

1. My friends are all going to Taiwan - Everyone around me is going to Taiwan these days. I have been to Taiwan in 2011. I stayed in the countryside, particularly in Tainan. So Taipei and all those popular destinations are still unknown for me.

2. Marc Jacobs' Softshot Collection - My heart!!! I was initially attracted to The Snapshot Collection. The bags are really nice, but size are not. (At least for me) I then discovered a similar structure in bigger sizes. The Softshot Collection is another item in my shopaholic list.

3. A trip to Cebu - I've been planning to visit Cebu with my friend A. I hope it will push through this year.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!