A few more days and I'm off from work. I've been looking forward for this week since April started. In the past years, I usually use my leave credits to extend my Holy Week break. But bigger responsibilities came, I have to give way. I have to step in for colleagues, who needed more time for their family. Nevertheless, my excitement for the succeeding days cannot be diminished. It's time to take a breather and continue some Holy Week traditions with the family.

Other than the Holy Week, this month also marks the end of the school year. Though the school calendar in the Philippines is currently distorted. Some decided to stick with the June to March school year. Some started on July, August and a few opted for September. But in the recent news, the Commission on Higher Education ordered all public colleges and universities to change the start of the school year on August. I hope private schools and the Basic Education system will follow. I find it too complicated to have varying academic calendars. Students, parents and employees are equally affected. 

Going back on the season of endings, graduation is a common sight these days. Every now and then, I encounter families celebrating the graduation of their children. They are on the way to attend the graduation ceremonies or about to share a meal with the entire family. I may not personally know them, but the mere sight of their accomplishment never fails to warms my heart. And having been working for a school, I'm given the opportunity to witness this prayed for milestone. In a few more weeks, this will happen again within my workplace. 

I have to end this post at this point. :) Maybe, I can blog over the next days. I look forward on spending time with my cousins, read books, watch movies and hopefully, the much needed rest I've been looking forward.

Wishing everyone a blessed Holy Week!