Despite what happened yesterday, today was a quiet and restful day at home. I took advantage of the time to complete a freelance work. I worked the entire Monday night, because I can't sleep anyway after the earthquake. I accomplished everything before sunrise and spent the entire day catching on sleep and treating my family for food delivery. We had a great Chinese takeaway to end the day. Sometimes, I wish life works this way. I can work from home during night time, when the entire surrounding is at peace. I don't have to worry for traffic and all hassles of commuting. I don't have to deal with unreasonable colleagues. I don't gain enemies. My performance is determined on the output I delivered. Everything is pure bliss of professionalism. I can even squeeze in some exercise or quick morning jog every day. My introvert hormones are overpowering me again. :p This has always been my long term goal. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a company in the Philippines that works on this system. Unless otherwise, I'll pioneer a company that supports this working arrangement. 

Back to reality, my classes are over. I'm back to regular programming, I don't need to wake up earlier for am 7 am classes. Years ago, these months were my favorite because work is lighter. But some things changed, there are uncertainties to deal with. I just hope that everything gets sorted out for the good on the succeeding months. 

Meanwhile, I also can't help but reminisce the past Holy Week break. I wasn't able to complete tasks in my list. But I enjoyed the time with my family, cousins and the time spent in my new favorite jogging trail. 

Memories of last week - These Tostitos in mini cups are not available among local supermarkets in the Philippines. This was my request to my cousins who went to the States a few months ago. Sadly, the chips arrived crushed and turned to corn flakes. :p On the second attempt, my cousin was careful enough to hand carry this precious chips. :D  I filled the cups with slices of tomatoes and bell pepper. I paired it with white cheese dip and coke, heaven!!!! :p

Before I end this post, I'd like to announce the winner of my Easter Giveaway. Congratulations to RONA TADLAS!!!! I will send you a personal message for further details. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!