And my addiction to The Body Shop's Drops of Youth Line continues. It started with the Youth Cream last year. A few weeks ago, I bought the Liquid Peel and recently, the Bouncy Eye Mask. The mask is designed to prevent puffiness, signs of fatigue and dark circles around the eye area. I used the mask with my rose quartz roller. I struggle with puffy eyelids these days. The roller and eye mask did not totally prevent, but I'm satisfied how it made my eyes look better. In the Philippines, the Drops of Youth has eight product lines. I'm tempted to try everything. But given my limited budget, I will be contented with one more product, the Youth Fresh Emulsion serum. 

Surprised with overflowing postcards - I haven't received anything from the mail since December 2018. Worst, the Christmas parcels sent by friends abroad never arrived. To my surprise, a pile of postcards arrived before weekend. 

Thank you Marieken for the vintage inspired postcards :) Same goes with Terra, who never got tired of sending me letters. 

I have been reading The Art of War for Women by Chin Ning Su the past few days. I thought the book would end up in my pile of unfinished reads. When I started reading, it felt like the book was communicating my thoughts. I particularly liked the first Chapter that dealt with decision making.

It's natural to want to be promoted quickly and make more money. But that doesn't mean you should turn your back on your code of ethics. 

By cheerfully aligning your objectives with Tao*, you will make the right decision every time. You may not be an overnight success, but when you make it to the top, you will be able to look back on your actions with pride.

*moral standing or ethics 

I heard what I needed.