If there's anything that made the past weekends, it's GrabFood. Food delivery is life on weekends. I used to be contented with late night burgers and early morning breakfasts from McDonald's. But when I discovered more choices from GrabFood, weekends became more sinful. :p For a minimal delivery fee of Php 50, I can enjoy my favorite fruit shakes, ramen, dimsum from my neighborhood food joints. Sometimes, it appears expensive because I have to devote tips to the riders. But being able to enjoy food within the comforts of home is priceless. It's still cheaper because I don't have to take the hassles of going out. <Introvert mode on>

Yesterday, I had takoyaki from Octoboy and my favorite lychee-yakult from Moonleaf. I ate a lot, so I ended sleeping despite a pending freelance work. I should finish everything today, but I spent the entire morning sleeping again. Other than food, sleep has been my favorite escape these days. Sleep is the only thing that makes me feel secured, given all the instability within my immediate environment. I'm not even including the recent national election. The first half of 2019 has been a turning point. I'm wishing that everything will be better towards the end of the year. 

I'm gradually going back to reading. I think I graduated from the segment of fiction. It has always been fashion, art, photography and self-help books. 

I cannot count how many times I encountered values from the few books I simultaneously read. Ethics, value system and principles are issues that never fail to catch my attention these days. There is no argument on the importance of having an established values system. But then again, things are always easier said than done. Choosing values always mean forgoing something, even if it meant life changing opportunities. 

I guess I'll leave everything with that thought that sometimes, walking away has nothing to do with weakness but everything to do with strength.