A few days ago, I was consoling a friend who underwent another heartache. In the middle of our conversation, I shared my sentiments about groups and advocates aiming to uplift the rights of women. I didn't expect that coming. I guess it was triggered by my friend's unfortunate situation.

My friend was once again, betrayed by the same person. I expressed my disbelief. There are women who will wear the mask of vulnerability to deceive men. They will make themselves appear as victims to gain sympathy. In worst cases, they will prey those honorable men and make them short lived companions. Another case happened within my immediate environment. A flirtatious woman, hiding in the cloak of innocence, made herself appear as the victim. When in reality, she has nothing but the selfish intention of gaining the attention of another man. In both cases, these women seemed to develop satisfaction only when they are in the company of men. Recently, a male relative lost everything because of another greedy and self-centered woman.

I have been surrounded by women, who successfully used a deceiving image of vulnerability to execute their selfish intentions. They will target and seek refuge from men. When their intentions were not fulfilled, they will bank on these advocates for women's rights. They will twist facts and play around with the law to pin down a decent man. I knew someone who went to the extent of using psychological conditions to make herself appear as the victim. I never imagined a person working in the field of Psychology faking her own illness. (The mother was courageous enough to point her daughter's deceit.) It's a clear disrespect to the profession and those who really suffer from psychological related difficulties. Another person within my everyday environment claimed to be traumatized, while continuously showing interest to the man she tried to accuse.

I will never have the heart to console such kind of women. These advocates aimed to protect women but in reality, they are used as instruments to protect vicious deeds. Worst, they triumph to blemish the reputation of a rare breed of honest, hardworking and incorruptible men.

I also realized, much of my bad experiences were fueled by fellow women. It can be explained by the fact that I've been surrounded by women than men. I studied in an exclusive school for girls for 10 years and can still remember classmates, who bullied me in different ways. At work, my painful experiences mostly involved women. I thought I have a friend from someone who took advantage of my capability. Soon enough, I discovered how she used my personal struggle to taint my reputation as an educator. I thought friends are there to protect each other. Turns out, she sold herself and burned bridges for someone who propelled her struggling career.

A few months ago, a female gossiper, who apparently holds a degree in Law, stirred trouble and refused to take its consequences. Such experience made me prove that silence does not guarantee stillness. There are women, who will attempt to drag you with their selfishness and immaturity. Again, it was from someone who studied the Law and once championed the charter for women's rights.

Early this year, a person in authority made a similar move. In one of the meetings I attended, she shared what should have been a confidential case. Turns out, she was trying to protect her ally, the flirtatious woman hiding in the cloak of innocence. It took me some time to figure out that this person in authority was trying to drag me with her malicious tactics. She wanted to involve me in the case because I'm connected with the man they are trying to accuse. Is this how women advocates should work? Empowering women at the expense of other women? Before I forget, this person in authority threw a tantrum because of one negative feedback from a customer service survey. (Some people will never understand the fact that you can always kill the messenger, but never the message.) I also knew how she bullied junior colleagues, only because she needs other people to blame her shortcoming.

In my everyday environment, I knew another woman who never admitted to her fault. She always, took advantage of other people's misunderstandings to save herself. A shrewd player, who used her skills to consistently pass the blame on other people.

I respect and value women rights advocates. Unfortunately, experiences from my end made my heart develop a layer of distrust. We always campaign for support and empowerment. But at some point, I find it difficult to trust the same system, that brought oppression to some innocent people and continuously challenged my principles.