I'm feeling unproductive lately. I'm stuck on the same task the past weeks. I have more than enough time, but I can't seem to find my momentum to accomplish everything. I'm nearing my deadline and I have no choice but to finish everything this week. I swear, I will silently celebrate once I completed this task. :p But seriously, I'm beginning to feel worried. I hope everything gets better this week.

This weekend was Father's Day. We celebrated at home with our favorite dishes from Miguel and Maria. It's another favorite hometown restaurant. I should blog about the place soon. But since my family are not in the mood for going out, we opted for Grab Food Delivery. I'm so thankful for Grab Food. More than convenience, I guess it's the reliable friend of introverts, anti-social and lazy people like my family. :p We had paella, crispy pork belly, vegetable salad and my favorite, baked salmon in honey, garlic and cheese. I'm quite afraid this will become a bad weekend habit.

Still on food, it's been months since a Kumori branch opened near my daily route from work. Kumori is love!!!

A surprise came! I wasn't expecting anything from the mail. But come Friday night, I received a package from my blog friend, Jackie. Thank you Jackie!!!! I hope I can visit Taiwan to meet you soon. I thought the tray of mochi will not survive the entire weekend. You gave my family the best dessert this weekend. 

Mashed potato, a slice of baked salmon and green salad - I hope every day will be forever like this!!!!

I've been buying  products under The Body Shop's Drops of Youth Line. Thank you to the Independence Day sale, I was able to add another product in my stash. I hope the Youth Cream Serum will work for me. They have 10 products under this line (if I'm not mistaken). Unfortunately, not everything is available in the Philippines. The remaining product in the Philippine market I haven't tried is the Bouncy Sleeping Mask. 

Another highlight of the week - It's my first time to enter a Duty Free Mall. I haven't been to the main Duty Free Fiesta Mall. The least I experienced are the outlet shops inside the airport. A few months ago, we attempted to visit the Luxe Duty Free along Mall of Asia. We weren't familiar with the policies so we were rejected access. This week, a friend who arrived from a short travel, invited us to visit. We took advantage of her 48-hour arrival period to shop at the Luxe Duty Free. The shopping place is quite small, compared to other Duty Free branches. However, we enjoyed our quick shopping experience. There was an ongoing sale. We spent most of our time at the Longchamp outlet. We also explored the perfume area, which for me, offers one of the best deals. It was my first time to experience Chanel's perfume line. It surprised me that some perfume from Chanel are cheaper than Jo Malone's line. 

I've been hearing everyone saying that half of 2019 is over. Whew.... 2019 will always be a turning point for me. Half of my life changed this year.  I hope I'll be able to relate everything before the year ends. Better yet, I hope the remaining months of the year will be better. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!