This post was intended for last week. But much of my thoughts are confined from everything that happened this week. So much changes and adjustments came with the additional responsibilities. Days before the last weekend, I've been rendering additional hours for work. Unfortunately, those efforts became useless. I still failed to comply with my deadlines. I gave up, went home early last Friday and gave myself some rest. I worked on the wee hours of Saturday and soon enough, I completed everything. Unlike most people, I find my working pace whenever everyone is asleep. The silence and stillness of night till dawn never fail to complement my productivity.

While it has been work even on weekends, I was able to squeeze in some rest, sleep and as always, Grab Food delivery. The convenience is a non-negotiable factor for me. I'm willing to pay a little extra for the convenience of enjoying great food, even in my pyjamas. :) My only wish is that there will be more food merchants outsourcing their delivery services via Grab Food. 

Months ago, I have all the time to accommodate some exercise. But laziness always overpowered me. These days, believe it or not, my body has been aching for some exercise. I feel so sluggish. I've been wanting to treat myself for a quick morning or evening run. But other priorities came. Likewise, the interruption in water service is not helping. Other than work and deadlines, everything has to be scheduled in consonance with the timing of water supply. This spells a screaming, hassle. 

In other news, I received this Jo Malone limited edition cologne years ago. I can't even remember if it was last year or two years ago. All the while, I thought I lost or left this gift somewhere. Much to my surprise, I found it inside my overnight bag. :p I haven't touched that bag but for more than a year. I think my last trip abroad was in 2016. All this time, this really nice perfume was just staying inside my old and dusty bag. I searched reviews and stores online and as it appears, it's a limited edition line. If I'm not mistaken, it's already sold out in stores. 

At this point, I honestly don't know how to end this post. My usual self : my thoughts are all scattered. Times like this, I need to pick up myself, figure things out and lay out my own game plan. But I'm just too overwhelmed. I guess I'll be consistent with my previous posts, the remaining months will be better. Everything will be fine soon.