One task down, another one for the week. I'm not sure if I can get used to this. My body is also making its struggle felt. I have my share of  headaches and as of typing this, another case of lower backache. While I'm loving the colder weather, it does not seem to help me these days. I have to mention, the interruption in water supply is another adjustment to begin with. 

Half of the year is gone, I'm trying to remember accomplishments and anything significant over the last six months. I will never get tired of saying, the first half of 2019 was a turning point. It was a year of changes, adjustments and test of character. The thought of this is already giving me headaches. On the positive side, my mother reached a milestone age this year. I was able to successfully stage a birthday surprise with the help of my cousins. I will forever be thankful to my friend and a former superior, who continuously trust my capability. More than the earnings, the work is making me feel that I'm still worth it. I'm able to contribute something significant. I become an instrument to the fulfillment of another person's goal. I hope to have more of these on the succeeding months. 

Meanwhile, it was a sad week for all Korean Drama fans

My heart .... Capt. Yoo Sijin and Dr. Kang no more. Descendants of the Sun is my all time favorite Korean drama. (Even though most of the time, I was only cheering for Song Joong Ki. Sorry, but my favorite Korean actress is Kim Tae Hee. Haha)  

Some beautiful things lately - My favorite book from Kate Spade. This reminds me, I have yet to complete my dream collection of  Kate Spade's coffee table books. I need three more books to complete the collection. The rose quartz roller, which I hope to review soon. The Olay 7inOne serum with Neutrogena's brightening facial wash are my two favorite must haves. I can vouch for these products, they are your anti-haggardness and instant bloom facial weapons. :) 

The Art of War for Women, still haven't finished the book. Haha I may sound so repetitive but this is the perfect book for all the members of the working populace. My copy is all tattered, I'm planning to secure another decent copy for my collection. Yes, I'm that weird. Hahaha Or maybe, should I consider another copy for my 2019 year-end giveaway? :) 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!