In the midst of the holiday rush, I had the need to hibernate. I was stricken by a bad case of cough and colds. It started with sore throat and chills. It didn't help that I had a minor stupid accident. I had a bad fall after overlooking a dark rope in an unlighted alley. The ending, I stumbled with the two plastic road barriers attached with the rope. :p  More than the pain, I prayed that no one, except for the security guard on duty, saw that very embarrassing moment. I was also worried on how will I explain my bruised forehead. :p The good news, my forehead healed well. I thought everything was fine not until my left hand made its presence felt. It became immobile and demanded some rest. I've been encouraged to visit a doctor. But my hard headed self tells, maybe after the holidays. 

Truth to be told, I've been wanting to escape and hibernate. But my pending tasks do not seem to agree. I will have a two-week holiday break. But with the way things are going, much of my time will be spent working from home. On the positive side, this is way better than reporting for work everyday.  I've always been thankful for the freelance work. It's just that this year, I think I have too much in my plate. 

I still have a lot to write. But as always, priorities. Hopefully, during the holiday break, I can find time for myself. Finish my work related commitments and finally, have time for myself.