This is the week I've been looking forward. I'm having a two-week holiday break. The past few days were spent at home. Once in a while, I went out to attend to some errands. But most of the time, I'm on hibernation mode. It would have been perfect if everything related to work has been all done. Unfortunately, I took home some work and that report I've been dying to complete. Added to this a challenging freelance work due on the first quarter of the year. It's my first time to receive this kind of opportunity. I really hope I can deliver. 

I'm done attending Christmas parties, save for the few scheduled meet ups with friends. I really want to take advantage of the holiday break to set everything in place. I want to accomplish tasks, clean my room and organize my files. I purchased an external hard drive last year to back up and migrate files from an old laptop. It's been more than a year, the hard drive is gathering dust and remains sealed. I also hope I can find time to layout my personal plans next year. 

Meanwhile on the lighter side of life, here are some things I appreciate from last week

1. Watching VIP, another Korean drama to love - While stuck in the holiday traffic, I randomly browse Korean drama in VIU. I landed on VIP because I got interested with the synopsis. It partly deals with the lives of the upper class people from South Korea. But turns out, it's another story of mystery and infidelity. I try to avoid dramas dealing with infidelity because I found this genre so stressful to watch. :p But VIP is quite different, I'll relate everything in another post. 

2. Shopping at - I wasn't aware that Herschel has a PH based shopping site. The laptop sleeves on sale are worth its price. The products come from Hong Kong and delivered in PH via DHL. Shipping is very fast considering its overseas origin and peak of the holiday deliveries. 

3. LBC's international shipping - I've been using LBC for overseas shipping. Even relatives abroad are relying on LBC. So far, the company has been delivering the best service for our family. I hope nothing will change. 

4. When Conti's Bakeshop is already available on Grab Food - It saved me from carrying heavy goodies to be given as Christmas gifts. The system is almost perfect except that cakes are not always available. I also have to say, Grab Food has been very helpful at the workplace's Christmas parties. 

5. Esprit at Zalora - Esprit products are expensive when purchased directly from the boutiques. But when Esprit came to Zalora years ago, I always wait for flash sales and discounts. The 30% discount are so worth it. But if you want super cheap Esprit products, visit Hong Kong. I love their outlet stores and this best promo: buy 3 pieces and get 50% off your total purchase. This is one reason why I still want to return to Hong Kong. 

6. - This service innovation from the government is heaven sent for researchers. If you need secondary data for research from government agencies, you might want to consider this Freedom of Information (FOI) page. This is very helpful for researchers, who cannot afford to visit other regions for data gathering. Although the system can still be improved, its presence is more than enough innovation to appreciate. 

7. Power Mac Center has an online shop... that accepts banks deposit - I was able to buy a usb adapter during their 12.12 sale. Even though they have a physical store, I still appreciate the online shop for convenience and availability. Some accessories are sold out from the physical store but are readily available from their online shop. Another feature to appreciate, they accept online bank deposit and confirms payment fast. My orders are yet to be delivered, hoping everything turns out well. 

I think much of what I've written relates to online shopping. :p These days, I value my time and convenience of staying at home. I'm willing to pay a little extra for shipping fee because anyway, it can cover my transportation and expensive food when visiting the mall. :p 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!