Years ago, times like these are usually quiet and relaxing. But these days, I'm still overwhelmed with work. I don't anymore report for work everyday, perks of working in an academic institution. But work doesn't stop on vacation. I've been mentioning in my previous posts, a bigger role came. It therefore meant embracing more tasks and accountability. I've also been entrusted another responsibility for a freelance work. I always wish for freelance work. My prayers were answered it's just that this time, my assignment is something outside my comfort zone. I've been entrusted with a significant project and I'm feeling every pressure to deliver. More than accomplishment, I feel that opportunities are on the way, if I get this done. 

I underestimated a report I've been working for half a year. I thought there were a few tasks left. When I reviewed my files, I realized there's still a long road ahead. I gave myself until Christmas to complete everything. The past days meant working in the evening till dawn and sleeping the entire day. I don't know, I always find my pace whenever everyone is asleep and the entire environment is so quiet. I'm at the comforts of home, but deadlines are still chasing me. It's sad, but after learning friends forced to work during Christmas, I felt embarrassed of my complaints. Working at home is still way better.

In between a work filled holiday break, I squeezed some online shopping. :p It's the only way I get entertained this days. Added to this, I found some interesting Korean drama to binge watch. Pretty Ugly (Beautiful Gong Shim) is making me laugh once in a while. VIP on the contrary is a heavy and stressful drama that I usually avoid. But in the end, the provoking scenes kept me longing for more. :p

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! Hope yours is way better than mine. :)