Years ago, this time of the year is usually quiet and relaxing. I spend most of my time at home. I watch movies, had the once a year decluttering activity, visit the gym everyday, eat out with my cousins and meet my friend A. I also have more time to capture and edit photos. I still have my regular holiday break. I stay home but this time, I'm occupied with work. It's always better to work from home and I'm becoming an advocate of this set-up. However, too much work is and will never be healthy. Honestly, I can't figure out how will I finish everything. I still have one week before returning to my everyday work life. My freelance works are also waving their deadlines. 

I usually get my working pace around 10 pm, whenever I work from home. I will spend the night till dawn in front of my laptop. I deal with different data in spreadsheets. I organize everything to insightful tables and prepare the supporting report. 

I feel more productive being a night shift worker from home. My work hours will end by taking a shower and light breakfast. I will sleep the entire day and wake up around 3 pm. Unfortunately, my family does not agree with this habit. True enough, my body is sending odd signals after working for consecutive nights. My face feels swollen, eyes are droopy, eyelids are starting to diminish, skin feels dry and experience light headedness. I hate it whenever I feel accomplished with work, but my body is sending all the unwanted signals. All the more whenever I see evidences through my photos. Even the most advanced camera phone cannot address my exhaustion. 

A year from now, I will reread this post. When that time happens, I hope life has become better. Or a little consolation, my face looks better. My weight is lighter. :p

Meanwhile, before I forget that this post is intended for my 2019 birthday

I spent my birthday by getting enough sleep, watching some K drama and dinner with my mother. A few days after, I treated my friends for dinner and coffee. I've been spending birthdays with these girls for as long as I can remember. Manila has always been our home. :p Next year, I hope we'll be in another venue. :p Thank you for always, staying with me.

Some life reminders :)

This leather Longchamp bag is love! Much to my relief, it was still expensive even on sale. :p I hope I can forever wear my Onitsuka slip ons and culottes. A few days before Christmas, I met my blogger friends, Leah and Mother E. We had a sumptuous lunch at Cyma. A few hours ago, I met my friend A and we had Korean grill again. 

And some memorable events from the workplace with friends :) 

I wanted to write more thoughts, on growing old (again) and all that happened this year. (Takes a deep breath) I'm still not ready to relate everything. My story is still, hanging in the tree of uncertainty. There's too much pain and betrayal behind .... I really wish I could already close this dark phase. But everything remains as a process....

If there's anything I could wish for, despite of everything, it's good health for my family, a stable income, my few support system and the strength to keep me going. If it's not too much to ask, peace of mind please. :)