A few days before my holiday break, I was browsing VIU for a Korean drama to binge watch. I checked the ongoing series and got curious with VIP. The synopsis captured my attention because it said, it deals with the upperclass people of South Korea. It was the same reason why I watched Sky Castle. Much to my surprise, it was a story of infidelity. But truth to be told, I avoid heavy drama and anything that deals with third-party relationships. Life is stressful enough, I don't need additional dose of it. :p But for some reason, I always end up with this kind of series. 

VIP is led by two popular Korean actors, Lee Sang-yoon (Sung Jun) and Jang Na-ra (Jung Sun). The two were portrayed as a successful husband and wife tandem. Both are working as professionals handling VIP clients of a high-end department store. Colleagues see them as the ideal couple. What seems to be a perfect life was tainted when Jung Sun received a text message. The anonymous sender claimed that her husband was having an affair with someone within the workplace. Jung Sun tracked the origin of the text message and much to her surprise, it was sent using her office computer. 

A number of episodes dealt with Jung Sun's attempts to uncover the sender and alleged mistress among her female colleagues. Everyone was presented as a suspect, except for one shy and innocent character. I will not relate further details. But all K drama fans know the drill, the least noticed character will either pull the trigger or drop the bomb in the series. 

I enjoyed the provoking and riveting episodes mostly because it kept me guessing of the succeeding events. Despite the misleading or should I say, decoy in the plot, I was able to guess the real antagonist. :p What kept me hooked was how everything will unfold. How will Sung Jun and his alleged mistress be caught? Why does Sung Jun chose his mistress over his wife on several instances? And like any other viewer, I can't wait for the episode when the mistress' world will fall apart. The final episode revealed the most awaited fate of the mistress. But honestly, my emotions were not satisfied. :p I wanted a more painful ending for the mistress.

As for the ending, I think the writers wrapped up the series well. It's not the ending that will impress the equally wounded hearts of the viewers. :p But if it was a real life story, it would most likely end that way. A little teaser, the last episode's setting happened on another person's wake with a dark snow fall. I believe everything have hidden meanings. Death is both an ending and beginning. A dark snow fall and pathway imply an uncertain journey ahead. 

On the lighter side, I love the supporting cast including their side stories. But my favorite discovery was Lee Chung-ah. At first, I thought she was Kim Seo-hyung of Sky Castle. Turns out, Lee Chung-ah was way younger. She can pass as a younger sister of Kim Se-hyung. Lee Chung-ah as Lee Hyeon-ah portrayed a brave, independent and supportive colleague. She was the best dressed in the entire series. 

Overall, I'm giving VIP 5 out of 5 stars.

Here are some screenshots of my favorite scenes

Hell, yes!!! I was cheering for Jung Sun in the entire series

It's common among drama series where the female lead has a reliable support system. 

Both in drama series and real life, I tend to develop doubts to innocent looking individuals. Sorry, but too much bad experiences made me develop it. 

On a different note, someone shared this thought to me.  I was surprised to hear it in a drama series.