I hope my first work week will not dictate my entire year. Otherwise, I can't imagine how many lbs and fine lines I would earn by December. I checked my weight. I saw photos of family reunions uploaded from Christmas to New Year. I can't be worse. But with the outpour of deadlines this month, I don't feel any opportunity for improvement. Last year, I thought of returning to weekend jogging. Nothing prospered. I made another promise, I'll do it after all the deadlines. The deadlines are not eliminated. In fact, they are multiplying. Weekends have become extension of work days. My little consolation, the breaks in between are devoted for sleeping, food delivery and the equally sinful online shopping.

The first work day was exhausting in many ways. I ticked off a major and long overdue report. I'm expecting calls, clarifications and probably, another irate person who can't accept unpleasant customer feedback in the last 5 years. :p What you can't accept, blame it on other people. I'm not sure how long will she carry that attitude. While I'm getting used to her immaturity, that person is continuously inflicting negativities to her own mental state. 

Speaking of mental state, I think I had a lot last year. :) The good news, I survived. I can only wish that everything also ended in 2019. But each year always have its distinct struggle. Having no choice, I'll take it. As always, I know I'll have breaks in between, along with other accomplishments and beautiful memories with my family and support system. 

You probably noticed a new book in my collection. I found How Women Rise at Fully Booked's UP Town Center a few days before New Year's Eve. I read a few pages and was reminded of The Art of War for Women. The writing style is similar. I enjoyed The Art of War for Women to the extent that I didn't wan't to end it. So I'm still finishing the book. :D I didn't take home the book because I still have a pile of reads. But the first work day was too hard to handle. I needed a little reward, I took home a copy. 

I have been vocal about my positive experiences with The Body Shop's Drops of Youth. If possible, I want to try the entire product line. So far, my stash is limited to 5 of its 9 products. I also believe that only five products are available in the Philippine market. I will write a separate blog post for my entire experience. But for now, I'm contented with the last remaining product I tried. This youth eye serum is doing small wonders on those days when I don't get proper sleep. My only reservation, it's quite expensive. I'm not even sure if I will repurchase another tube. 

If resources will permit, I also wanted to test drive The Body Shop's Drops of Light line. It claims to aid in making skin look lighter and brighter? 

A few days ago, I saw Volkswagen final tribute to its iconic, Beetle.

Can I just say that everything about this video is perfect. The story line and soundtrack, there's no best way to honor the Beetle!!! Using Let it Be by the Beatles provides that priceless nostalgic feels. The clip also reminded me of my Dad, who shared the same age with the Beetle. I felt some pinches of sadness because it was only a few months ago when my Dad also gave up our last car. :(

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! If it is not too much to ask, please utter a prayer to my fellowmen affected by the recent eruption of Taal Volcano.🙏