My holiday break is over. As always, I can't believe how three weeks went so fast. I spent much of my time at home. Unfortunately, rest didn't come easy. I took home tons of work. Added to this the freelance works I've been struggling to complete. In my previous posts, I often mention how life was better back in 2018. Part of me still wishes I can return those years. At the end of the day, I just wanted silence and stillness. Unfortunately, some forces took away that bliss. When the summer of 2019 entered, I realized how life used to be better. It dragged me to battles I never wanted.

In a few more months, another summer is about to start. A few more sleeps, it will be a year since everything started. I haven't healed from all the events and people, who deliberately challenged my principles. I've long been tempted to document everything. Unfortunately, this previous post is the best I can relate yet. The entire story has become much complicated. I'll leave them with their selfish and self-proclaimed triumphs for now.  But soon enough, I will work my way to regain that silence and stillness. Everything will be back in its place, just like the good old quiet days. 

Meanwhile, on the lighter side of life. the working holiday break engaged me to so much great food, part of it was conveniently made possible by Grab Food. I also made a number of online shopping, less stressful with all the traffic in Manila. The breaks in between were devoted for lunches and dinners with a few friends.

Yves Rocher - one of my best product discoveries last 2019. I've seen their shops but I never bothered to check out their products. Last Christmas, I received this set as a gift. Thanks T! The bath gel is for the win. I love the clean and tamed scent. It's also easy to rinse, does not feel thick or heavily moisturizing. As much as I love The Body Shop, I think I prefer the Yves Rocher variants of shower gel. 

The past year also marked my record breaking book purchases. :p I think I bought more books than clothes last year. Blame the never ending sale of National Bookstore and Book Depository. My favorite branch in Araneta Center Cubao was already converted as a clearance outlet. I felt quite sad because it used to be a four-storey bookstore that houses a coffee shop, library and an entire floor of bargain books.

Fast forward to my plans for this years, I hope I'll have the opportunity to travel with my trusted friends again. My last trip abroad was in 2016, with a few family members. Years ago, me and my friend A promised to travel in South Korea. Unfortunately, my friend went ahead and scheduled her trip early this year. :( I still have 11 more months, I hope something great is prepared for 2020.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!