Day 14 - I'm using a different calendar because work in the academe was suspended on an earlier date. But technically, it's just Day 10 since the National Government declared Community Quarantine turned Enhanced Community Quarantine. 

I've been working from home since March 10. So far, two reports down. I'm not contented with my pace. It has been weeks and part of me feels I can accomplish more. I'll just leave it that way. At least, there's progress. Unlike most people, my day starts when everyone else is asleep. I work from night time till dawn. I get my working pace when the entire environment is quiet and peaceful. I also find the internet connection faster during these hours. My body is unfortunately getting used with this arrangement. I'll surely have another set of adjustment when things get back to normal. It will be another struggle, but never mind. It will be everyone's answered prayer.

Like everyone else, I'm worried for my family. I have a job, but I don't feel complacent. I have friends and relatives, who still report for work. They are the "real front liners," they work in hospitals and the food retail industry. I have nephews and nieces, who just started school, some will graduate and will celebrate a milestone birthday next month. I have colleagues employed on a contractual basis.  We have senior citizen family friends, who depend on their pension and lives on a daily basis. I have entrepreneur friends forced to cease business operations. I remember a fellow Grab passenger, who can't visit the hospital for her chemotherapy sessions. The list goes on. I try my best to divert my attention, 
These Hyun Bin mini-standees should have been gifts for friends who also love CLOY.  

My usual source of diversion, drama series. While most people within my circles are still catching up on Crash Landing on You (CLOY), I think I've already moved on. :p I'm about to finish Kingdom. I watched it primarily because of Ju Ji-hoon. I discovered him from Princess Hours, back when most Korean actors still wear the "emo," shaggy and side parted hair. :p I lost track of Ju Ji-hoon after that notorious controversy. But he actually redeemed himself on the movie, Along with the Gods. I likewise read good reviews from his other drama, Hyena. In between completing reports, I take time to rest with these series. 

Kingdom 's plot was well written. The production team did a great job. Hats off to the acting ability of the entire cast. It has all the elements of a perfect drama series. What I just dislike, it only lasted until Season 2 ... for now. A little caution to those who intend to watch, there are similarities with the plague described in the series. 

I have to end my post here. My thoughts again are all getting scattered. I still have reports to accomplish. But the last one  consumed much of my energy. I need a longer time to get back on my track. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead! Please, stay healthy.