Once in a while, we're told to be careful of what we wish for ...

Ever since the summer of 2019 started, I've been looking forward to temporarily escape my daily life. Travel somewhere, stay home and leave work a for a while. The trip will never happen in the near future. The dream of leaving my daily life for a month, it's happening in the most unfavorable circumstance.

Like everyone else, I have my list of worries. Though admittedly, I feel fortunate because our company decided to continue paying for our salaries. I'm cooped in the comforts of home. The arrangement also allowed me to choose my working hours. Colleagues from other offices are also supporting my requests. But the past days, it was a different story. I'll probably relate this in another post. The challenge was strong enough, it forced me to open a bag of chips and consume a bottle of Coke.

I have so much thoughts begging to be written. From my observations on Korean dramas, insensitive social media behavior, that politician and his wife who placed an entire hospital in danger, so much negativity ... I'd rather focus on the things I learned lately. 

On having emergency funds - These days, emergency funds are forced to be utilized. When news about a  possible lockdown were circulating, I need to go to the supermarket. It doesn't anymore matter whether my monthly salary have arrived.  I had to stock food, medicine and other necessities. I've seen photos of the long lines in supermarkets. A usual grocery shopping will take around 4 to 5 hours these days. I can't imagine the lines after the 15th and 30th of the month. 

No job is permanent - I have friends employed on a permanent or tenured status. Unfortunately, the absence of cash flow in their companies forced management to cut down their salaries. I have freelancer friends, who did not receive their professional fees after completing their work. The contract did not work for them these days. 

Work from Home is possible - All companies were forced to suddenly embrace this system. It made me realize, the arrangement is feasible in the Philippines. 

So many tasks at the workplace can be done online - I realized that some tasks do not require physical presence for completion. Some can be done at the comforts of home. This eventually becomes cost effective for the company. Lesser people, lesser resources needed. However, this system and wfm arrangement require some degree of maturity. Employees, who can deliver with minimum supervision, are best to benefit from this arrangement. 

Having a car is beneficial these days - When typhoon Ondoy hit our city, I realized that cars don't work as a good investment. When the Train Law was implemented, prices of brand new cars shoot up. It felt discouraging to invest on an asset that loses its value over time. But in a city that does not provide any form of public transport, the lone way to survive is to drive your own car.  Bikes are good, but it won't take you across cities. Motorbikes are fine, but I can't handle it. 

We are not ready for distance education / remote classes / online classes - I guess everyone is not ready. The older kids can settle for online classes. But toddlers or those under the early childhood education program still need the physical presence of a teacher. Not everyone is equipped with a stable internet connection. Schools are quite disorganized with the right platform to use for online classes. 

It's high time we have a facility for online consultation with our doctors - This will help in at least lessening the influx of patients. I hope online psychological counseling is also considered. 

Home based neighborhood businesses will thrive these days - If you can bake a cake, sew reusable face masks, cook healthy food, then take advantage of the situation when everyone is at home. 

Life skills matter these days - You maybe the smartest engineer, lawyer, accountant these days. But if you can't cook, repair common house problems, you'll suffer from these petty annoying problems. :p

Online banking is a life saver - Not all of our bills at home are enrolled in my online banking account. I also have a credit card issued by another bank. I have to rush to the bills payment section of SM to settle my bills before the anticipated lockdown in Manila happened. I think this is what I have to do this year. I have to cut ties with cards that are "inconvenient" to my means. I can't imagine how difficult it is for households with senior citizens and those relying on Bayad Centers. 

I should have exerted more efforts to improve my Dad's pocket garden - As soon as this quarantine period is over, I will regularly buy seeds. I will save up for that mobile garden I saw from a celebrity.

I think I've written a long post. I'll leave everything here. Keep safe and remain healthy!