If this pandemic didn't happen, I'm already looking forward for the Holy Week Break. I tidied my workstation and took home whatever work I can accomplish. I had dinner with my friends and rushed to catch the last trip of the train. I'll do some last minute grocery shopping, catch sleep on Saturday and try my best to get my working pace on the next days. If luck is on my side, I probably bagged another freelance work. But in the end, I'll only accomplish one task. :p Deadlines and the promise of additional earnings will do the magic to my adrenaline. If all these happened today, I don't think I'll feel grateful. Maybe, a little happier because I was able to complete a work.

Rush was my constant theme. But these days, everything went the opposite way. In a snap, I regret the things I never appreciated. 

The first few days of the quarantine period were manageable. I thought everything was under control. As weeks progressed, I started to feel uneasy. Some unexpected things happened, I started to develop worries. Like everyone else, I gained a list of what if's. The constant support of friends through Facebook messenger was a life saver. They saved me and sanity these days.

Thank you TL for supporting my decisions and educating me on labor laws. :D Thank you A for providing enough contradictions and chatting with me till 4 am. To E for sharing my political views and all the advices. To my senior friend H, who supports my endeavors and constantly replies to my sentiments. Friends, please don't ever get tired of me. Your kindness meant saving one soul away from insanity. :p 

Palm Sunday | Holy Week | Summer of 2019 - I keep mentioning how my life changed when the summer of 2019 started. I've never forgotten a single detail. Seeing my cryptic social media posts last year just heightened my sentiments. Last March 2019, I mentioned having frequent dreams of losing my teeth. Local Filipino culture relates such dream signals an upcoming death. But psychological articles attribute stress. In my case, I never thought it was hint of a stressful and life changing point. On the succeeding months, I thought I was coping. But some things unfolded and led to other painful discoveries. With our current situation, I noticed how the months of March and April have always been challenging since 2019. 

Adulthood or #Adulting - I wanted a break. My wish was granted. I thought staying in the comforts of home will guarantee silence and stillness. In my lone time, I start to overanalyze and exaggerate everything. I torture myself even though most of the time, half of my worries don't happen. :p (Writing this is trying to convince myself that everything will be better than what I imagined. ) 🙏

On the lighter side, I entertained myself by finishing this recently concluded Korean drama, Itaewon Class. My friends' recommendations never failed. Hats off to the acting skills of Park Seo Joon and the creativity of the script writing team. It was a showcase of deep, inspiring and heart-warming dialogues. So much can be learned from leadership, friendship and perseverance. Maybe, I'll prepare a separate post for this K drama.

Other things that captured my interest these days

Gentle Monster Shades - I noticed this has been the default shades of actors in Korean dramas. I checked their site and was surprised with the prices. Nothing was cheap. ;)

Dalgona Coffee - Everyone is making one these days. I'm not a coffee drinker so this might not a good idea for me.

Why do you need a face mask?  - Initially, health organizations did not encourage wearing of face masks. They said that only people taking care of covid19 patients or those suffering from cough and colds should wear it. Me and my friend E shared a different thought, The article supported our belief.

"If you cough or sneeze, the mask can catch those respiratory droplets so they don't land on other people or surfaces So it's not going to protect you, but it is going to protect your neighbor. If your neighbor is wearing a mask and the same thing happens, they're going to protect you. So masks worn properly have the potential to benefit people." - Dr. Daniel Griffin of Columbia University 

If government and WHO strictly implemented weating of face masks since January 2020, it could have lowered the number of covid19 cases. 

How much hospitals charge for covid19 patients in the Philippines - This added to my list of worries. I was astonished, hospitals charge patients Php 10,000 for PPEs!!!! 

How nurses changed lives - This tribute from Johnson and Johnson highligted the life changing contributions of nurses in the medical field. 

I wanted to write more and make another disorganized post. :p But then I realized, I have a pending output. :(