Another two weeks to stay home

While I don't have complaints of my current state, my list of worries is starting to escalate. I don't wish to enumerate everything here. It just raises my level of unnecessary stress. As always, I'm trying to divert my attention by becoming occupied.

On top of my work assignments, my constant sources of diversion and recent discoveries are as follows

Netflix - I don't ever regret the additional cost to my phone bill. I was able to maximize the unlimited supply of series and movies. 

Viu - Not all my Korean drama list  are available in Netflix. Viu provides me access to different Asian drama and movies. 

Itaewon Class is 5 out of 5 stars - I said my thoughts in my previous post. This is a K drama that emphasizes honor, perseverance and values. 

Backyard Envy - I discovered this TV show from Sky Cable's Metro Channel. I've always loved shows featuring home transformation. Backyard Envy is a reality show that transforms outdoor spaces to envy worthy pocket gardens to a resort like scenery. 

TLC's Extreme Cheapskates - I started seeing this show several years ago. I think I finished all episodes the past week. I understand the need to be wise and thrifty. But anything that causes a disturbing behavior is a never for me. My favorite episodes centered on Americans engaged in extreme "couponing." A $1,000 worth of groceries emerged as free with the use of coupons?!?  While I'm amazed, I also have doubts . Is it really possible to use  tons of coupons in one transaction?  In addition, I'm quite disturbed with the practice of hoarding. Why buy 6 to 10 bottles of pain reliever? Yes it's free but really, can you consume that amount of pain reliever before its expiration date?

How world leaders are reacting on the pandemic via CNN - Currently watching Hala Gorani's interview to Christianne Amanpour.  Hala Gorani 's disgusted face to Trump's behavior during a press-con was funny. :p Trump is on a berating spree among the White House reporters. He also seems allergic to the word Obama. ;) 

Visiting my favorite bloggers and realizing, most of them don't blog anymore :( - Seoul State of Mind, Molly of Orangette, JC Buendia of My Refrigerator Door, Aleyn Comprendio's analog photography, Coffee in the Woodshed, Mimi Thorisson of Manger, Miniaturist's Liberty Biberty, Katie of Pencil Box, and The Blue Hour are just some of them. I miss these blogs. 

While everyone is shifting to vlogging, I'm afraid I can never shift to that medium. I prefer to write and hide my face. :) This also worries me, I hope Google will never shut down Blogger on its product line up. 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead .. in the comforts of home :)