A Blessed Easter!

For a change, this is the first time I'm posting a Sunday post on a Sunday. Like everyone else, time does not seem to be a constraint these days. Unfortunately, this luxury of time is coupled with a growing list of worries. While I'm always thankful for the comforts of home, the concerns are starting to pile up. If there's anything comforting these days, it's the constant communication I have with my few and trusted friends. I'll never get tired of expressing my gratitude.

My work from home arrangement continues. I slowed down during the Holy Week. I sent a deliverable last Monday, started another task and decided to continue next week. While the days feel longer, I can't believe this quarantine period will soon hit a month. Though in my case, I've been working form home for a month already. I hope I can already say, we are nearing home stretch. But upon checking statistics, this feels far from over.

I still remember, the first covid-19 case in the Philippines was reported on the last week of January. Everyone started wearing surgical masks, to which both DOH and WHO initially said unnecessary. On February, everything remained business as usual. But the unusual behavior of consumers became evident. The supply of alcohol and face masks started to diminish. March came and I remember hearing around 20 cases. I woke up on April with thousands of cases. There's no declining trend or as they say, we haven't reached our peak. Flattening the curve remains as a blur. 

When I checked Wuhan's case, it took them 75 days to lift the city's lockdown. While it's not impossible to happen in my country, 75 days or 2.5 months is frightening. Also, recent reports of reactivating cases of healed patients from South Korea is alarming. I can't imagine how all these would end. There will eventually be a new normal, drastic changes are awaiting. 

Work from home - I've been an advocate of this arrangement for as long as I can remember. It's the only way to keep business and operations up and running.

Face Masks - My supply of disposable surgical masks was already depleted. I didn't anymore purchase another box because as told by government, let's reserve those for the frontliners. I opted for cloth masks offered by some local Instagram based sellers. Looks like our life will be dependent on these masks. 

Speaking of face masks and other medical supplies, it surprised me that even economically advanced countries like USA and UK share same struggles with my country.  Both CNN and BBC reported diminishing supply of surgical masks, PPEs, overworked hospital staff, leaders criticizing each other. It's all the same stories of struggles, from both advanced and developing economies. 

Part of my survival kit is Ju Ji-hoon :D I meant, Netflix and all those series. Ju Ji-hoon is soooo hot in this series. :p The only reason that prevents me to finish the series is Kim Hye-soo. The lead actress in the series is irritating me. ;) 

I also started watching Money Heist. I use it to activate my sleepiness. This period has ruined my body clock. I find my working pace from evening till dawn. I will wake up in time for lunch, have my afternoon nap and start my day around 4 pm. While this system does not look healthy, I'm proud to say that I never get sleep deprived. I will always remember this period for allowing to me to have 7 to 8 hours of sleep. 

As always, I don't know how to end this post. Me, my scattered thoughts and this blog post. 😏 

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!