There are days when I imagine myself in a different profession. This usually happens whenever things get messed up in my daily life. It has been part of my escape or as they say, coping mechanism. My photos are enough evidence of another creative field I wish to explore. This explains why most of the time, my thoughts are not coherent with my photos. :D

On a regular day, I'm another corporate slave. Checking emails, writing reports, presentations, meetings (one of my least favorite tasks) and attend my evening classes. My favorite day, aside from Fridays, is whenever I completed a grueling report or my diminishing self-esteem remains unharmed after a presentation. :p When we adopted the work-from-home arrangement, I thought I will be fine. No meetings, presentation, everything is about report submissions. Turns out, not everyone is on the same page. This again brought me to my constant daydreaming sessions. What if I landed on a different profession? There will definitely be a different form of struggle. Things will never be easy. With all those scattered thoughts, I just hold on to my healthy family and the assurance that I have a job to support our needs. These are enough for now. 

Last Wednesday, I went out with my cousin for a grocery trip. I used to enjoy this activity. But these days, going out feels so different. My hometown feels peculiar and uneasy. Despite having a fully stocked fridge, I still feel restless. Recent flood of unverified and threatening articles is not helping. My emotions range from being frightened, worried and panic-stricken to some extent. Everything aggravated when an unexpected task came. I was restless for several days. It took me a while to figure out my way. I submitted my output after sleepless nights. For a while, all my worries went away. I felt the need to celebrate with a plate of french fries at 3:35 am. :p I never thought small achievements are still possible this time. 

This week is another critical time for us. Though all the while, I thought it will already be April 27 or the last week of month. :) I'm thankful for the time spent at home. I'm indebted to colleagues from other offices, who supported my work plans. Converge is providing me stable internet connection. Facebook enables me to connect with my friends. Online banking enables me to conveniently settle bills and support groups helping medical frontliners and families needing assistance. Netflix keeps me entertained and helps me forget my burdening concerns. My small achievements will never be possible without all these support.

On the lighter side, here are some things that kept me entertained

1. Phantom of the Opera on Youtube - I don't think I'll ever have the opportunity to watch this iconic musical in the near future. I was thrilled when an online stream of their Royal Albert Hall performance was made available. Unfortunately, I had other things to do. :( I failed to watch the free stream.

2. The King Eternal Monarch - I'm about to watch this today. I felt that fellow Filipinos missed Lee Min Ho so much. Feedback from friends make me want to finish the first two episodes.

3. DIY Teacup Garden - I'm interested with this DIY project.

4. Megan Hess' scarves - One of my favorite girl boss is Megan Hess. Aside from books, I love her merchandise. It's on sale but still a little expensive.

5. What is revenge shopping? - Herm├Ęs sales in China reached a record breaking sales of US $ 2.7 million in one day. This happened after the opened its stores after the quarantine.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!