I lost count of the days. The most I can remember, we have been home for more than a month. Last week, the national government decided to extend until May 15. It's no longer a surprise because cases are continuously increasing. While recoveries outnumber deaths, proliferation of new cases cannot justify improvements.

These days, my fears and worries are escalating. I feel grateful because I can still provide for the family. But given the situation, I begin to imagine the worst possibilities. I don't know how long will I receive my monthly salary. My employer is missing its expected earnings. When the ECQ is finally lifted, it would take some time before everything is set in place again. Being employed in a school, the usual fears I hear include 

1. Will we ever experience graduation or moving up ceremonies?
2. Will we receive refund from our paid tuition?
3. We had a hard time dealing with online classes, will our grades be affected?
4. Will the school be considerate enough to implement 100% passing rate to all students?
5. When will school reopen?

I wish I have all the answers. In my opinion, it would really help if responsible regulatory agencies will decide in behalf of all schools. At this stage, schools without autonomy status are at the mercy of these government agencies. 

Go beyond your limits - I did, look for my grocery receipts. :D

When the weekend started, I went to the supermarket to replenish our supplies. This has been the third time I went out since the community quarantine started. I used to enjoy trips to the supermarket. I get to discover new products. It also signals an upcoming weekend. But these days, supermarket trips became survival measures. Despite repeated trips, I'm not getting any better with budgeting. My total bill is increasing every visit. My last trip was the worst. To my defense, I shopped supplies good for more than a month. I could also consider the aid of financial sites like Sofi Money, accessible via this link, to help me budget more effectively. 

I'm also not used to bulk grocery shopping. Back then, my parents will buy fresh produce from the wet market every week. My responsibility is to purchase other home supplies from the supermarket. My trips also happen every week, usually on Thursdays or Fridays. So having a lengthy grocery receipt and seeing the amount I have to pay has created another adulting milestone for me. :p 

I'm still under wfm arrangement. My day starts when everyone is beginning to sleep. I get my working pace when the entire environment is quiet. On some days, I'm able to finish one full report or project in one night. I sleep during daytime, in the hope of not getting disturbed by inquiries. :p Once in a while, I received lengthy and repetitive calls. We don't do zoom meetings often, much to my relief. If the ECQ prolongs, the meetings might become frequent. 

When I accomplished a work, I took a day off. I sleep and indulge on Netflix and Viu. I started The King Eternal Monarch, but got confused with the plot. I ended watching A World of Married Couple. The plot reminds me of VIP, which I reviewed in this post. However, A World of Married Couple was intense. It's a drama where 99% of the characters are traitors!!! 

Filed under things I don't need these days :p - Wuhan had 75 days of quarantine. When they relieved their freedom, everything was still in partial operations. Social distancing is still practiced. In the case of my country, I can't imagine how everything will be implemented. The sight of a crowded public transportation is frightening me. 

It was only at the end of this post when I realized, it's the last week of April. We are surviving! 🙏💪